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Sisters all around the Marie de la Roche Province will remember your prayer intentions during their morning and evening prayers. CLICK HERE to submit a prayer to the Sisters of Divine Providence.

Public Prayers

Baptiste Lafferrerie: Dear brothers and sisters in Christ: I want a prayer to find a job in the media library in Brittany, to perform my territorial duties, restore my marriage and be able to surrounded by people who love and care.
Joel: For mercy and healing.
Tommy Boatwright: Please pray for my grandson and his family for protection and healing. They need a special touch from God. Please please help us pray!
Ivo Pranješ: Please pray for my sick dad (he had a cancer). God bless you.
Betsie: Please pray for my dad, Eric. He had an evolving stroke. Praying for his full recovery and that the evolving stroke has completely stopped and no more future strokes!
Sister Lisa Paffrath: Please keep Joe Rieger in your prayers. He had a work related accident today with severe head injuries. At the hospital they discovered he also has 2 abdominal aneurisms.
Sister Elena Almendarez: Please pray for the recently deceased father-in-law of Associate Christina Ward. Christina's husband Regis is also in need of prayers. Thank you.
Steph C.: Personal intentions
Hunter: Will you please pray for God to help me meet my romantic life partner soon?
Rob: God I give my life to you. Show me what to do with it. Thank you.
Rose Mwai: For a suitable and stable source of income and a life partner.
Angela Bolduc: Dear Sisters: Please pray for: Walter J Robohn, Emily N Bolduc, Margaret A Luckert, Logan A Luckert, Charlotte R Luckert, Scott W Bolduc, Alice A Domann, Leslie B Domann, Sheila Bishop, Craig Domann, Beverly Domann, Chris Domann, Teddi Domann, Jim Bishop, Lisa Pilotte, Dale Bolduc, Ron Pilotte, Jason Bolduc, Brock S Domann, Jojo Domann, Rylee Domann, Megan Domann, Brandon Domann, Kyle Domann, Walter W Robohn, Tracy Keenan, Brianna Robohn and Angela Bolduc. Thank you.
Ogiri: Personal intentions
Baptiste Lafferrerie: Dear brothers and sisters in Christ: I want a prayer to find a job in the media library in Brittany, fill my territorial jurisdiction, restore my marriage and be surrounded by people who love and give.
Eva Hernandez: Please pray for the health of Harley (diabetes), Eva (lymphedema) Cathy (operation on her hip and a broken leg), Aunt Eva (stroke) and Estella (food poisoning). For Cesar and Diane to have a happy marriage, be able to buy the house they want and have a family. For July birthdays: Richard (18), Cesar (23) and Eve. Thank you.
Raajiv Prasad: Please pray for me that I may get my doctor internship job, which I lost due to illness, returned back to me as soon as possible, especially in these times of coronavirus disease. Thank you very much for praying for me.
Maricela Huidor-Figueroa: Kindly lift up in prayer Daniel Xavier Huidor, Maricela Huidor-Figueroa and family. Thank you.
Kevin Johnson: My class 12 results come on 10/7/20. Please pray for me so that I will pass every subject with very good marks.
Marilyn Cammarato: Please pray for my family. My son-in-law, Richard, passed away suddenly on July 2.
Elizabeth S.: Personal intentions
Sr. Leticia Plasencia: For Rebecca Zamora from Brooklyn who died 6/26/20 from a heart attack. She was my Yoga teacher for many years. Pray for her eternal peace.
Marilyn Shea: Prayers are requested for my son, Gary, who has kidney stones and for happiness in my life and that I would be able to sleep at night. Thank you!
Fergie: Personal intentions
Steph Co.: Almighty father, our Lord and Savior, I pray for Your grace to flow onto my family, bless us with peace and love. Restore our broken family Lord, instill in us love and light, and cast out all that is dark and comes from sin. Crush the devil under your feet, cast him out of our home, and all his works and lock him in the abyss of hell. Take full control Jesus, I surrender all to you. Help us to speak words of peace, love and encouragement and help us to never be disrespectful and hurtful.
Jamie: 2 special intentions for my daughters and for the civil law suit I was involved in that may be resolved smoothly and promptly and for the other party heal physicality, mentally, and spiritually. Thank you.
Baptiste Lafferrerie: Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I would like prayers to find a job in media library in Brittany, to succeed in my territorial competition, to restore my marriage and be surrounded by loving and caring people. I would like to see my grandparents and avoid medication and care, and prayers that I totally heal.
Sr. Jean Anthony Alexandrunas: Request prayers for healing for her nephew, Rich, who fell from the family home roof breaking his arms and ribs. He will have surgery Wednesday, July 1.
Howard: Personal intentions
Sr. Agnes Raible: Please pray for Associate Judy Meinert’s brother, Norm, who died in Florida. Thank you.
Fergie: That I will get a good job in my degree that I enjoy soon.
Kevin: Dear Sisters, Thank you for adding the Catholic Church and our family of 6 to your prayers. Few churches are open, rare chance for Confession. Many hurting spiritually. As a father of four I ask Joseph for help, the Blessed Mother Mary to be with us and Jesus to not forsake us. God bless you for prayers and humility.
Jane: Please pray for Elizabeth and her family to become believers in Jesus Christ. They are atheists and have never experienced the power of God and have no clue what it means to believe in Jesus. They are against all religious institutions and have hated the hypocrisy they've encountered with other believers that go to church. They've have a lot of personal issues within their families and Elizabeth is afraid her son is going to go down a bad road filled with drugs and alcohol. Pray God helps them.
Sonia Minhas: Personal intentions
Sr. Louise Angelini: Please remember my grandniece, Tracy, who is in Shadyside Hospital. Thank you for your prayers.
Jeremy Glenn Weizel: My friend recently passed away who was living in sin, not obeying God, please pray that God would have mercy upon him and deliver him from purgatory and save him to heaven. I care deeply about my friend and do not want him to have to suffer please pray for his total deliverance. God bless you.
Sister Ellen Rufft: Please pray for a friend of a friend of mine who was in a terrible car accident - a car banged into her car going down a hill and she ended up with both her legs missing. Her first name is Kelly. Her family asked for our prayers.
Annette White: Please pray for my husband Lawrence M. White. He just had a stroke.
Baptiste Lafferrerie: Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I would like prayers to find a job in a media library in Brittany, to succeed in my territorial competition, to restore my marriage and be surrounded by loving and caring people. May my family be reconciled, me and my parents.
Lucia: I ask for prayers for my health, for economic and family problems.
Sister Maria Patterson: My friend, Sue, for whom you've been praying, has a new hurdle. She tested positive for Covid and is battling it with everything she has. However she is worn down from all the cancer treatments. Please pray hard that she can get past this quickly. She is on a ventilator and heavily drugged. She's fighting...Please pray God pulls her through this. She was doing very well with the cancer treatment and stem cell transplant. Thank you so much for praying.
Joy: Please pray for Emily, Zach and their families. They found out a few of their family members tested positive for COVID19 and are extremely scared about their health, losing their jobs, and infecting their loved ones. They are new believers and gave their lives to Jesus and now they are being tested in this situation. They are stressed out, overwhelmed, fearful, and anxious about the repercussions of getting COVID19. Pray that God would strengthen their faith, give them peace and help.