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Here you will find a collection of news articles that were posted to our website from 2013 to present.

Joyous Community

Twenty-three women and men religious are gathering virtually this week, July 6-11, for the Conference's 37th annual Life Commitment Program.

Racism in Our Streets and Structures

At this Public Dialogue four African-Americans—an archbishop, an academic leader, a pro-life advocate, and an anti-poverty leader—helped us understand and act in response to this crisis.

Sister Audrey Sagan

We commend to your charity the soul of our beloved Sister Audrey Sagan who departed this life on May 17, 2020.

Sister Marise Hrabosky

We commend to your charity the soul of our beloved Sister Marise Hrabosky who departed this life on May 16, 2020.

Providence in the Pandemic

Our co-foundress, Marie de la Roche, said that "the darkest paths lead to light, through love and grace." This quote is particularly cogent during these 40 days of Easter.

Candles in Our Windows

From Easter Saturday until the end of the pandemic, we have candles lit in the windows of our homes.

They were fond of sweets

Whether wounded troops or children, Army nurse and Sister Melanie Kambic tempted with candy and kindness.

Women religious: Living one mission

Congregations of women religious are making a difference every day in the Diocese of Pittsburgh. Permit me to offer a snapshot view as to why we celebrate them during this National Catholic Sisters’ Week.

Providence Alive! Winter 2020

In this issue, we are challenged to leave our comfort zone and go to the peripheries—places where people are wounded, perhaps feeling that their lives have no meaning or value—to find abundant grace.

The Subtleties of Mentoring

USUALLY A 10 p.m. phone call signals a student canceling an appointment. As I answered the telephone, Molly said, “You’re the most spiritual person I know; could I be a nun?”