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Celebrate National Catholic Sisters Week 2014

March 8-14 set as National Catholic Sisters Week

Join us in celebrating the 51,000 Catholic sisters in America! We will join with thousands of others in celebrating the inaugural National Catholic Sisters Week March 8-14. St. Catherine University was awarded a three-year Hilton Foundation grant to help bring greater visibility to the contributions of women religious, as part of Women’s History Month (March). We hope to celebrate Catholic sisters, past, present and future, as well as keeping these faith-filled, courageous women’s contributions top-of-mind always.

Learn more by visiting the National Catholic Sisters Week pages on the St. Catherine University website.

Who are the Sisters of Divine Providence (CDPs)?

The Sisters of Providence are an apostolic congregation, meaning that we serve wherever the need is greatest. The needs of our times are very different from those experienced by the early members of the Congregation. Through more than 150 years of change, our dedication to the spirituality of Providence and the mission of the Congregation remains strong as we minister in a very different world.

Currently Sisters minister:

  • in education and school administration
  • in campus ministry
  • in parishes and diocesan administration
  • with social justice services and counseling
  • in hospice and health care
  • in the Community leadership, and 
  • in prayer ministry, honoring the many requests for prayer submitted to the Sisters

Our past – furthering the legacy of Bishop Wilhelm Emmanuel von Ketteler and Mother Marie de la Roche

The Sisters of Divine Providence have a long history of social justice ministry. Founded in Germany in 1851 by Bishop Wilhelm Emmanuel von Ketteler and Baroness Stephanie (Fanny) de la Roche, the mission of the new foundation was twofold: to serve the poor, the sick, and to teach girls in the rural areas of Mainz, Germany.

The culture wars (Kulturkampf) in Germany brought many changes, not least among them was the prohibition of all religious from teaching in the schools and the expulsion of many religious orders from Germany. The Sisters of Divine Providence were affected by these wars. In 1876, six young Sisters traveled to North America to carry forth the mission of the Congregation and to spread its charism of Providence to a new land. By the early 1900s, the Congregation had grown to more than 300 women in Germany and the United States. Today approximately 500 Sisters of Divine Providence minister in Germany, the United States, Korea, Peru, Puerto Rico, and Santo Domingo.

If you have a specific question about our history, contact our Provincial Archivist at archives@cdpsisters.org.

How can you be more involved?

Learn more about Providence Spirituality

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