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An Unwavering Faith

Mother escapes death and experiences the gift of life

Catholic Extension Magazine | Winter 2020

Shalom stood disoriented in a Los Angeles airport as she faced immigration authorities. She knew nothing of America, let alone those interrogating her as a potential terrorist. Earlier, she left her children and her mother, fleeing her homeland of Zimbabwe following a violent beating and sexual assualt that nearly killed her. Subjected to a battery of tests there at the airport, she learned she was pregnant as a result of the assault. The officers advised her an abortion was possible. ... For its part, Catholic Extension has been honored to support the live-saving ministry of La Posada Providencia. Since its founding in 1989 by the Sisters of Divine Providence, La Posada has served more than 10,000 migrants and asylum-seekers from nearly 90 countries, helping to protext and nurture the lives of an extremly vulnerable population.

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