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Thriving in Ministry: Learnings from the Life Satisfaction Scale for Apostolic Women Religious

Wednesday, April 14, 2021 - 7:00pm to 8:15pm

Virtual event on ZOOM. CLICK HERE to register.

Session Two: The Multiple Uses of the Life Satisfaction Scale for Apostolic Women Religious (LSSAWR) and Facilitating Factors for Thriving in Ministry among Catholic Sisters

Religious life is undergoing major transitions and there is a need to efficiently assess the current state and the desired direction of congregations as they seek a vital and viable future. This presentation will offer a brief review of the purpose and many ways of using of the “International LSSAWR” and its manual within and across congregations and generations of women religious worldwide. Sr. Clara’s presentation will focus on the facilitating factors for thriving in ministry among Catholic sisters. Her research agenda for 2021-2022 includes a study of the validity and reliability of a revised, gender-inclusive version of assessment, the Life Satisfaction Scale for Apostolic Women/Men Religious (LSSAW/MR), in order to facilitate the participation of men religious as well. 

The Life Satisfaction Scale for Apostolic Women Religious (LSSAWR) is an instrument designed by Sr. Maria Clara Kreis, CDP, PhD, LP as a part of her doctoral work at Marquette University. The LSSAWR, with accessibility in English, Spanish, and German, assesses satisfaction levels of Roman Catholic apostolic women religious individually and communally as they discern their ongoing life commitment.

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