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Internal Ministries

While our community exists for mission and apostolic service, some Sisters have part-time or full-time ministerial roles within the community to keep our organization running smoothly and effectively.

Sisters who help to meet the internal ministry needs of our Community serve as:

  • Archivist and archivist assistants to protect and display the Community’s artifacts and artwork, mostly produced by the Sisters
  • Companions and caregivers to our hospitalized and infirm Sisters
  • Drivers for Sisters who are unable to drive themselves
  • Liturgy coordinator, sacristans, and music ministers to plan and administer our daily Masses
  • Medical records and insurance administrator
  • Transportation and vehicle coordinator
  • Vocations Director, area vocations contacts, and vocations office assistants

Sisters who serve as House Directors or Area Coordinators help to meet the Community’s day-to-day needs by:

  • Coordinating with the Health Care Director the care of the Sisters in skilled care and assisted living
  • Coordinating Community celebrations
  • Managing the requirements for meeting rooms, presentation venues, and other events
  • Planning celebrations for feast days and birthdays

Elected Sisters help to lead the Community with respect to mission and ministries, finances, major decisions, internal communications, and strategic planning. The Provincial Leadership Team works with each of our offices to help advance the mission and meet our administrative needs with respect to:

  • Development
  • Finance
  • Ministry placement
  • Mission effectiveness
  • Social justice and social concerns
  • Vocations