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Formation Resources

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The Associate Spiritual Journey Binder is the primary resource used in the formation process for people who are becoming Associates.

If you are thinking about becoming an Associate, these selections from the Associate Spiritual Journey Binder will give you an idea of what the process would be like.

If you have any questions, check out the rest of the Associate section of our website or contact our Director of Associates at associates@cdpsisters.org.

PDF icon Spiritual Journey Binder3.52 MB
PDF icon Relationship184.99 KB
PDF icon History1.02 MB
PDF icon Providence Theology262.11 KB
PDF icon Charism186.25 KB
PDF icon Mission138.52 KB
PDF icon Prayer278.88 KB
PDF icon Social Justice504.97 KB
PDF icon Sponsored Ministries448.39 KB
PDF icon Covenant137.66 KB
PDF icon Resources319.32 KB
PDF icon Application62.62 KB