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Sisters all around the Marie de la Roche Province will remember your prayer intentions during their morning and evening prayers. CLICK HERE to submit a prayer to the Sisters of Divine Providence.

Public Prayers

Sister Michele : Please keep Father Bob Norton in your prayers. He is currently hospitalized.
Donna Marie Gribschaw: Please keep Hermana Margarita Rivera and her twin sister, Isabel, in your prayers at this time. Both are in the hospital in Utuado PR.
Richard Manley: Please pray for my cousin Michelle. They found a lump in her breast. We are praying for peace and joy for her.
Gina Miller: Please pray for alumnus John Horvath '87 who underwent cancer surgery today for cancer at the back of his tongue. He is at Montifiore Hospital and a fellow alumna requested that he be put on this prayer chain. The alumna making the request is Lisa Shade '89.
Sharnice: Personal intentions. Thank you.
Ivan Guzman-Vital: Personal intentions
Cristin Martin: Please ask Jesus to heal the relationship between Oisin and I. Please ask Him to heal Oisin's mind and body, free him from his depression. Thank you.
Carol: Requests prayers, just diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, also suffers from glaucoma and anemia, also needs help with transportation.
Associate Linda Hoefflin: Associate Sylvia Resha's brother, Donald, slipped away to Heaven this evening. Please keep Sylvia and her family in prayer.
Margaret Redlin: Please pray for my friend Donna, newly diagnosed with an aggressive form of Breast Cancer. Donna is a mother of 5 and a new grandmother. She is the most caring person I know. She is kind and generous always taking care of others. Now she needs our prayers for healing and a full recovery. Thank you.
Sister Barbara McMullen: Please pray for my brother Keith, who has a tumor at the bottom of his esophagus. He's waiting for a doctor in Gainsville, FL, about 3 hours away, to call him next week to find out what steps will need to be taken. At this point the CT scan showed a mass. We don't know if it is cancer or not. Have to wait to see what the doctor has to say and go from there. But for months now he has not been able to eat much or keep food down. He's lost about 75 pounds. Prayers are definitely needed.
Sister Donna Tracy: Please pray for my sister, Mary Jo McGonagle, who needs additional testings after her recent liver biopsy. Also, pray for my brother, Jim Tracy, who has been re-admitted to the hospital. Thank you for all your prayers and support.
Janet Walters - CDP Employee: In Thanksgiving for the prayers offered for Kevin, he is home from the hospital, he had several scans and the doctor gave him a good report.
Sister Lois Spinnenweber: Please pray for successful surgery today for my sister, Joan. She is having triple by-pass done at Shadyside Hosptial. Thank you.
Associate Linda Hoefflin: From Associate Heide Crawford: Please pray for my brother in law, Bobby Robert's as he is having knee replacement May 9 and for my sister, his wife, Bonnie Robert's and the medical staff.
Sister Carolyn Winschel: Debby Mueller is requesting prayers for a young relative, Brad, 38 who is struggling with cancer.
Linda (SAGE): Please pray for Michelle Luniewski's sister Sherri. Sherri was hit by a car on Saturday, in critical condition at Mercy Hospital. Thank you!
Katie Black: Please keep three-year-old Sky in your prayers. She is undergoing treatment and tests at the Mayo clinic for seizures. Please pray for the doctors and help them gain an understanding and knowledge of how to help this sweet baby. Also please pray for all of her parents that they continue to be fortified with the strength necessary to support their sweet baby girl through this trying time.
Associate Linda Hoefflin: For Sister JoAnn Simonella's brother who is under Hospice Care. For Associate Judy Unger who has undergone ankle surgery and is expected to be in rehab for several weeks. For a special intention from Linda Hoefflin.
Sister Carolyn Winschel: Judith Wittman requested prayers for her husband, Robert who is having back surgery.
Tim Connors: Personal intentions
Associate Pat Montgomery: Prayers needed for Glen D., a man with mental issues who is suffering with panic attacks and misdiagnosis.
Sister Carolyn Winschel: Mary Muno is requesting prayers for her sister Patricia Glinka for her health situation. They are both nieces of Sr. Rosalia Caulfield.