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Sisters all around the Marie de la Roche Province will remember your prayer intentions during their morning and evening prayers. CLICK HERE to submit a prayer to the Sisters of Divine Providence.

Public Prayers

Peggy Schramm: Pease pray for the healing process because of the return of cancer for Mike Farrell. Also, for A.M. and K.W. for a tragic difficult journey of healing. Two young children growing up in a traumatic environment.
Sr. Ann Catherine Fuchs: Prayers please for my cousin, Donna Mae, who had 2 serious heart surgeries.
Sr. Patricia Ann Moffett: Please pray for my sister, Carolyn, who is going to have back surgery on Friday, Oct. 23! Thank you.
Sharon Pos: Personal intentions
Helen: Please pray that the truth be brought to light regarding the Coronavirus and that medical and public health interventions being enforced are guided by officials who have citizens best interests in mind. Lord send an army of Holy Guardian Angels to root out the wolves in sheep’s clothing in all our institutions. May a spirit of repentance and renewal strengthen this nation. Pray that all Christians do not lose faith but keep discerning and praying ferventy.
Lucia: I ask for prayers for Anna 45 years seriously ill with cancer, for her parents Speranza and Pasquale and her sister Lucia who are desperate.
Ambily: Please pray for reopen my husband's company soon.
Sister Sharon Nolte: Please pray for Rita Slice who volunteered at Providence Center for she has a mass on her left adrenal gland and tests will be this Friday. Thank you.
Sister Elena Almendarez: Please pray for La Roche student, Cecilia Larimer, who is having a second thyroid operation next Tuesday, October 27. Many thanks!
Sister Elena Almendarez: Please pray for Connie Balestreie who will have a lumpectomy on Friday, Oct 23 and for her son Bryan, who needs to find a new job to help support his family and his children in college. Thank you!
Br. Alex Chung, MIC: 1. For the repose of the soul of Rachael Schopp. May she now be with St. Therese The Little flower. 2. That Brother Alexander Chung, MIC be graced to always know, accept, and do the Will of the Lord, with profound and supernatural peace, joy, faith, hope, and love, even if many trials and sufferings come from following God's Will. May he also become and remain a good, holy, and faithful Priest with his Marian Community, and may his ordination day be October 1st, 2022.  God bless you.
Derek Solomon: Please Pray for me. I'm suffering persecution. St Michael Archangel protect us.
Marilyn: For myself: for good health, good report from the Dr and that I can get better sleep. For my son, Chris - to help his uncle and to be careful regarding Covid-19.
Michelle Dunbar: For Lynn, who is having problems with cancerous moles.
Zak Quace: Pray for the innocent Christian Joe Biden to miraculously win the upcoming Presidential election in the U.S., and pray for all people to miraculously vote for Joe Biden in Jesus name. Amen.
Zaneta B.: Please pray God for me and my family. Please pray God for my special intention, God knows my intention. Thank you.
Joshua Leong: Personal intentions
Elizabeth S.: I pray my husband will end his affair and return to our family. I pray to keep my current job.
Sr. Agnes Raibel: Associate Judy Meinert's niece, Theresa Meinert died last evening. Please pray for her nephew, Joe and family. Thank you.
Sister Elena Almendarez: Please pray for La Roche student, Alexa Young, who will be having surgery on Oct 21 for a tumor on her liver. Thank you!
Joshua Leong: Personal intentions
Marilyn: For myself, that I feel better and my Dr. appt. goes well. For my son Gary, to recover from an illness. For my son Chris, so that he finds time to help his nephew. For my son Michael who is institutionalized.
Sister Donna Marie Dorfner: Please pray for my great niece, Heidi, age 32, nother of 2 small children, who was diagnosed with breast cancer. She will face a double mastectomy and chemo.
Sharon Pos: Please pray for Sharon/Lloyd's severe heart/lung and other illnesses, strained finances due to high medical/rent costs, Llyod's need for a heart defibrillator surgery expedited (slowed by pandemic), Llyod's unrelenting heart palipitations, eye problems, daughter Cori's melanoma/thyroid cancer, limited leg use now, daugther Charlene's brain injury (car), upcoming complex uterine surgery, kidney cyst, torn shoulder blade. Prayer of hope for our mountain of illnesses. Amen. Thanks.
Jamal Cheatham: Can you pray with me to get permanent custody of my son (7 year old) and my daughter (11 year old); because their mother’s (two different women) are teaching them evil things in life. I want to raise my kids in Jesus Christ and I’m praying for His divine grace (favor) to get permanent custody of my kids from their mothers.
Dena-Antoinette Chisholm: Personal intentions
Ellison Jackson: I would like prayer that my sin will be put to death completely, and that I will be filled up completely with God's Spirit. I want to be as holy as possible with no sin remaining inside or out.
Sister Mary Jane Beatty: Prayers are requested for Trey (33) struggling with the challenges of life. Please keep him in your prayers.
Sister Carolyn Winschel: Prayers are requested for Don Plagman, a donor who has non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.
Sister Carolyn Winschel: Michele Gorny, one of our donors has requested prayers for her health.
Sister Janet Folkl: Please remember Albert in your prayers. He is in hospice. His family and friends would appreciate our prayers so that his death is peaceful.
Sister Leticia Plasencia: Proferio Plasencia is full of fluid due to pneumonia and the family asks for a peaceful death and for your prayers.