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Sisters all around the Marie de la Roche Province will remember your prayer intentions during their morning and evening prayers. CLICK HERE to submit a prayer to the Sisters of Divine Providence.

Public Prayers

Sister Roseann DeNardis: Valerie Jones, my 2nd cousin, 71 years of age, was just diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. Your prayers will be very much appreciated.
Sr. Donna Marie Dorfner: Please pray for a safe recovery for my cousin's husband, Herbert, who had quadruple by-pass surgery.
Joshua: Personal intentions
Sister Barbara McMullen: Please pray for my brother Keith. His esophageal cancer is back. At his last six month checkup another Tumor showed up in the same place. Further testing is happening to determine if it has spread anywhere else. Your prayers are greatly appreciated.
Sister Elena Almendarez: Please pray for Associate Lisa Toomey's son, Will, who is having back surgery for scoliosis on Monday, April 12. Will is 20 years old and will be in the hospital for one week if all goes well. Lisa and her family could use prayers of support as well. Thank you!
Sister Elena Almendarez: Please pray for La Roche student, Machia Hairston, whose 18 year old brother, Kenneth, was shot to death on Friday, April 9th. Machia is a sophomore at La Roche and as you can imagine is just heartbroken over losing her younger brother in such violent way. Please pray for her parents and other family members as well. Thank you.
Dominic Yingyos Teapthong: For my broken leg.
Anne Dsz: Healing for Brian, antoinieta, Malcolm, Desmond, Carlos, Florence, myself from all ailments. I pray my family & I don’t get this virus or other diseases for fulltime work for myself close by. I pray my husband Carlos calls me immediately loves me comes back home to live with me forever. I pray Desmond gets tenants for his house soon does well in his business pays bills on time he sells the property I get my money back soon I pray I am able to buy a cheap place and I get my papers in order.
Joseph Lario: Personal intentions
Elizabeth G.: Please pray for Saint Ferdinand Catholic School in San Fernando, California. Saint Ferdinand Catholic School was opened in 1929 by the Sisters of Divine Providence. On March 26th we were informed of a planned closure. Please pray that the school doors are allowed to stay open and that the school not be closed at the end of this school year.
Sister Stephanie Turck: I'm asking for prayers for my sister who was just taken to the Hospital in Southern Illinois. She has a serious Kidney infection and only 23% usage of her kidneys. She is very ill. The hospital is full and is fighting covid cases that just came in as well. Please pray for her.
Sister Stephanie Turck: Please send healing prayers for Roger Knobeloch who was just diagnosed with hodgkin's disease.
Sister Carol Stenger: Please keep in your prayer, Associate Pat Montgomery's sister, Theresa Kinzer and her husband Kenneth. Theresa was moved to Hospice care today and isn't expected to live through this weekend. Pat is with them, caring for them in the McKees Rocks area of Pittsburgh, PA. Both are in their late 90's. Pat could use a few prayers too!
Sisters Anne & Carolyn Winschel: We are asking for prayers for our sister, Agnes Delany, who is in ICU for treatment for hemorrhaging. She has received a number of blood units and has undergone a procedure to treat the issue. Thank you for your remembrance in prayer.
Associate Sally Shamalla: For Crystal who had a bone marrow transplant recently and is now jaundiced with other symptoms not yet diagnosed.
Associate Sally Shamalla: For Linda who is in serious condition with a GI bleed, anemia, and possible liver problem.
Sr. Patricia Ann Moffett: Please pray for my sister, Christine, who will have a hip replacement Thursday, April 18. Thank you.
Sr. Lisa Paffrath: Please remember my nephew's father, Neil Dixon, who will have open heart surgery to replace 2 valves in his heart on April 13.
Sr. Rita Adams: My niece (Lisa A) husband, (Jim) had a bad reaction to an experimental Covid vaccine and he has been unable to walk for the last 3 weeks. Turns out the vaccine triggered something and on the 7th of April, Jim has to have his spinal canal opened and the bottom 6 bones in his spine pinned to stabilize them. 4 hour surgery: 4 days in the hospital and then bed rest for 9 weeks. Thank you.
Mary Traupman CDP: For Karen, who is having further cancer surgery on Friday, April 9.
Robin: Please pray for my son to find his way back to his faith and religion, to find a good job, and to stop bad habits. Please pray for his health & safety. TY
Raajiv Prasad: Please kindly pray I get general registration and have a future career as a doctor so I can serve the community and God better. Thank you.
Ed: For Ed Brett, professor emeritus of LRU who will have eye surgery on Friday.
Derek Solomon: Please pray for me Derek Gerard Solomon I’m suffering Persecution St Michael Archangel protect us INRI IHS Father Son Holy Ghost Amen
Michelle Dunbar: * Prayers please for my cousin in California. She is having yet another surgery this week for relapsing polychondritis. It is a very serious and painful illness. Her husband Jack is having problems with aneurysms. Prayers please for their whole family. They are all very kind and good to everyone! Love and Easter Blessings to all of you!
Associate Pat Montgomery: Thank you for the prayers and well wishes for my sister, Theresa, a CDP Associate. She is currently in the hospital suffering from Alzheimer’s. Anyone who wants to send her greetings may do so by using her home address [127 Homer Circle, Pgh, PA 15136.]
Phil: - My wife Arlene had a stroke and needs healing. - Please pray that God will heal her eyes, her memory, her ability to read, and her confusion. - Arlene is 72 years old and a Christian.  - We need your help, please pray for her. Thank you.
Sr. Bernie Duman: Please remember one of our donors, Darcy Deakin, who asked for prayers because of expecting to have a knee replacement on April 7. Many thanks.