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Sisters all around the Marie de la Roche Province will remember your prayer intentions during their morning and evening prayers. CLICK HERE to submit a prayer to the Sisters of Divine Providence.

Public Prayers

Sister Carolyn Winschel: Prayers are requested for Audrey Miller and also her doctors who need to figure out her treatment. She has been hospitalized various times since September, for an infected ruptured appendix which has allowed bacteria to enter the digestive system. They are trying to find out what bacteria are present so that they can give her the proper antibiotic treatment. She is home now but waiting until they can safely do an appendectomy. She is not getting better at this time. Please pray!!
Sister Hilary Hooks: Please pray that Judge Wilson will release Thierry (pronounced "Chyeddi") Matoko from detention in Atlanta to be able to join his wife, Minouche, at Charity House, who is due to give birth the beginning of February.
Sr. Pat Baker: For Linda Blongewicz Fisher (DPA Alumna) as she begins radiation therapy for breast cancer.
Julie Makuta: My Aunt Amy has been diagnosed with stage 4 mouth and throat cancer and a tumor wrapped around her carotid artery. She also has some mental health issues. Please pray for peace in her life and in the lives of our family, specifically her children.
Associate Erin Middleton: Please pray for my 21-year old son, Ben, who is a Junior at la Roche who was told yesterday that the house where he resides and shares with other renters has been sold and he will have to find another place to live in 3 weeks. Please pray that God would lead him to a place in the McCandless/Ross area that will be safe and affordable. I am also praying that God will arrange all the details of moving the items he will need to live. This move could impact his financial aid for college as well.
Sister Carolyn Winschel: Alice Dobbins is requesting prayer for her son, Peter who is diabetic and is being treated with antibiotics on his toe.
Sister Donna Marie Gribschaw : Please remember in your prayers my brother, Michael, who had a slight stroke recently. Eye sight in his left eye is compromised. Michael is a liturgist. Thank you for your prayers for Dennis who is home from the hospital.
joyce k: Personal intentions
Jeanne Host: Please pray for my son Justin who passed away Christmas Eve day unexpectedly. Please pray for a state autopsy, something was very wrong. Please pray for his sweet soul. Thank you.
Sister Maria Patterson: Please pray for the repose of the soul of Irene Klimo, mother-in-law of Tennessee/St. Louis area Associate Dianne Klimo. Dianne and her husband, Denny, are Pittsburgh natives, as is Irene. Thank you.
Sister Donna Tracy: For my sister, Eileen's granddaughter, Brianna Martino (16) leg surgery Thursday, Jan. 10
Starr Borromeo: Complete healing for a Prince Asher Aranas Borromeo, turning 1 on January 24. He is in the hospital with complicated health issues. Please pray for him. :'(
Virendra Navgire: I am requesting you to please pray for my mother Kalawait Vishwas Navgire suffering from aphasia (brain problem), muscle loss, epilepsy, and hypertension. Due to clotting of blood in the brain, she has lost her memory. She can’t understand or speak words correctly. Day by day her muscles are wasting due to the irregular circulation of blood. She is becoming weak. Please pray for my mother’s recovery.
Lisa Mosser - CDP Employee: Sue, hospitalized. Gina, after a recurrence of cancer has died; please pray for her family.
Sister Dorothy Ransil: My nephew, Rick Ransil, suddenly in the last several months is experiencing seizures and doctors not able to find a cause. Also, one of my students in his early 80's is to have a serious surgery for a cancerous tumor on Jan, 8th. My niece, Emily who had been operated on for a cancerous brain tumor successfully has many tumors throughout her body. She is being treated at Hershey Medical Center and needs prayers. Thank you.
Matt Lyon: Dearest Family in Christ: I am writing to ask your prayers for major changes my family is going through. We went through a very challenging couple of years and we are selling our home, our business and moving in order to create the safest and best life for our kids. I ask for Gods guidance, blessing, and a spirit of surrender and discernment.
Joyce K.: Please pray for the souls of Ringo and Edward and dad. For all the departed priests and souls we have been praying for regularly. Please also pray for comfort for ML and her son.
Associate Linda Hoefflin: Associate Mary Hassler's brother, Joe, will be undergoing testing on Monday and is requesting prayers. Mary is not aware of this testing, so please don't mention this to her.
Emma: Please pray for a boy (13) and his dad (68). I sit next to the boy who has Down Syndrome and his father at mass each week. I pray God gives strength to the father and endless opportunities for the boy. Thank you.
Sister Mary Jane Beatty: Sr. Denise Kabacinski’s mother, Virginia, is in failing heath, and is now in Hospice. Please keep her and the family in your prayers.
Sister Donna Marie Gribschaw: Please continue to keep my brother, Dennis, in your prayers. He had back surgery today and is doing OK. Thanks so much.
Ivan Guzman Vital: Please pray for my conversion and mental and emotional healing. Also pray for the conversion of Michael Goode, Michelle Goode, and the conversion of all the Goode family. Also, pray for the conversion of Jamaric, Benjamin Frias, Honu, Simo, Arturo Berry and Silvia, Mireya Galvan, Ernesto and Carmen, Paul Shih and his family. We pray for the conversion of all sinners and their repentance and healing from sin. We ask this in the Holy Name of Jesus Chris. Amen.
Rose Mary Green: Prayers, please for a friend named Michelle. She has recently been diagnosed with brain, lung, and uterine cancer. Many thanks.
Sister Agnes Raible: Prayers for my nephew, Rex, who died last week. Also for my nephew, Jerry, who suffered a fire in his home. Thank you.
The Barr Family: Our family requests prayers for health reasons. Thank you!