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Sisters all around the Marie de la Roche Province will remember your prayer intentions during their morning and evening prayers. CLICK HERE to submit a prayer to the Sisters of Divine Providence.

Public Prayers

Lisa Mosser - CDP employee: My sister Bridget's husband, Gary, had emergency surgery on Sunday, December 29 and is not doing well. He is on a ventilator and has a feeding tube. His white blood count is high and his kidneys and lungs are compromised. Please pray for him, my sister and his three daughters. Thank you.
Sister Jeanine Ruhe: Pat, a friend of my former student, Marlene, fell backwards and fractured some bones in her back. She is 86 years old and is in much pain. Please keep her in your prayers. Thanks!
Sister Marise Hrabosky: Please pray for my friend Terri Surgeon - she fell this evening (14th) and broke her hip. Lives alone - no family - surgery January 15th. God grant her courage, healing and peace.
Sister M. Clara Kreis: Prayers for the Intentions of Mrs. Kleber, her husband and their grandchildren Hannah, Emily and Joelle.
Alfred Brown: Please pray for Eric McDonald. Please pray for his salvation. Eric needs Jesus. Please pray God heal Eric’s heart and soul. Please ask God to give Eric the grace to turn to Jesus Christ, repent, and be saved. Pray God to tear down all strong hold and remove all obstacles from his path. Pray the love of God to fill his soul!
Kay Allen: Pray for financial provisions and also for grocery provisions, for a good job and house move. Thanks.
Sister Carolyn Winschel: One of our donors, Mary Ann Kutlenios, is requesting prayers for better health for herself, especially dealing with spinal stenosis.
Sister Carolyn Winschel: Dr. Lewis & Mary Gene Kapicak are requesting prayers for Fr. John Chapin form Nitro, WV who is very ill.
Sister Carolyn Winschel: Bill and Jan Daming are requesting prayers for their health.
Renee Miller Wilson: Prayers for health and healing, to rid my life from evil spirits and follow God's word. Also for Sue and Ron Venezia healing.
John Bosco: Personal intentions
Sister Lisa Paffrath: Please remember my brother, Bill, in your prayers. He is hospitalized with kidney disease and heart complications.
Sister Patricia Ann Moffett: My sister-in-law Mary Lou died early this morning. Please pray for my brother and the family. Thank you.
Sister Mary Weatherly: Please pray for my brother Frank Weatherly, who suffered a heart attack and is hospitalized in Lancaster, PA. Thank you. (Sister Louise Angelini)
Sr. Linda Lalic: Thanks for your prayers for my nephew, Heath Ruth. He is home now in New Bedford. He is being treated with medication to dissolve the blood clots. Although the New Year came in with such an unexpected occurrence, we are all looking forward to good health in 2020.
Joseph D'Souza: Praise the Lord. Immediate prayers are required for Mr. Joseph D'Souza (75 yrs.). He doesn't have any children. In his old age he lives with his wife alone. However because they are alone, people are cheating them to get money from them. Please pray that the almighty God may bless him and free him from his burden and bondages. Amen
Sister Patricia Ann Moffett: Please pray for my sister-in-law Mary Lou. She is very sick in the hospital. She hasn't eaten or drank for three days. She cannot swallow. She just had hip surgery. Thank you. She is now on life support in ICU - pray.
Sister Marise Hrabosky: For Joanne Merhaut who is dying - the cancer is taking over. May she experience God's presence and be at peace. Thank you.
Sister Veronica Oravec: Please pray for a former student of mine from St. Anne's school in Castle Shannon who has cancer of the pancreas.
Av Abn: Personal intentions
Sister Mary Jane Beatty: Please continue to pray for my sister Joanne. She underwent back surgery for the second time in less than a month. The doctors need to stabilize the rod inserted in her back that moved after the first surgery. Again, she is grateful for your prayers.
Roberto: Please pray for the people of Puerto Rico that have lost their homes and businesses due to the earthquakes that have been happening for a week, pray for the prompt recuperation of the nature lost to the fires in Australia and that animal life can be preserved. Pray for me to keep me strong in these troubled times I'm going through.
Sister Mary Jane Beatty: Please keep my sister Joanne in your prayers.Today she will undergo her second back surgery within 30 days.The doctors need to fix the rod that moved in her back from the first surgery.
Marilyn S.: Personal prayers for healing my upper respiratory infection - also for peace and happiness. For my son, Michael in a mental hospital, and also for my son and daughter to get along. Thank you!
Sr. Jacklyn Pritchard: Please pray for Associate Beverly Camper who is in Gateway Regional Hospital with double pneumonia. Thank you.
Sister Mary Jane Beatty: Please keep my sister Joanne in your prayers. She needs to undergo a second operation on her back this week. The rod inserted in her back in the first operation moved.
Melody Clark: I am the foster mother of a precious 2 year old girl who has been with me since she was 7 months old. It is my heart's desire to adopt this baby. Please pray fervently for the Lord's divine intercession in this case and that He fight the battle for us. Pray for favor with the judge, CPS caseworker, attorney ad litem, and my attorney. Also petition our Father to equip me to raise this child in Christ. We need a miracle!
Sheana Arrington: On 1/8/20, I have court with my ex-husband on owing the arrears of child support of $12k. Please help me in praying I have favor with the courts. Thank you so much.
Sister Louise Angelini: For my nephew Chris, who will undergo surgery on January 7. Thank you.
Sathish Don: Pray for my divine strength.
Associate Sally Shamalla: For J.P. who is struggling with many issues in her life.
Tracye Dockett: Prayer request for Kameron to get his life together and get the help that he needs mentally. Please send Godly friends across his path.