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Life As a Sister

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Making God’s Providence more visible in our world through our ministries is an essential part of being a Sister of Divine Providence. Education and healthcare have been important since our founding. Today, Sisters also work as counselors, in campus ministry, social work, pastoral care, and a number of other fields. Some Sisters give direct service to various populations like undocumented immigrants, foster children, and the homeless.

As Sisters of Divine Providence, we live together in community and share our lives, supporting each other in times of sorrow and sharing our joys as well. At times this calls for sacrifice, but it also builds deep bonds of friendship.

Our community is an apostolic one, which means that we go where we are needed in order to carry out the mission of making God's Providence more visible in our world. This may mean living in larger houses with 25 or 75 Sisters, living in smaller groups of 3-7 Sisters, living in pairs, or even, when circumstances call for it, living alone.

One element of living in community is that Sisters make choices in collaboration with other Sisters and with the whole community in mind. Sisters’ lives are always full of discernment.

Sisters are encouraged to stay in contact with family and friends. We see this as a healthy part of living community.

Sisters of Divine Providence share both a communal prayer life and a personal one. Whether we are praying individually or communally, we are open to various prayer forms, including liturgical dance, lectio divina, visio divina, and other forms of meditation and contemplation. By sharing our faith with one another, we strengthen our community bonds and deepen our trust in our Provident God.