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Bernadette Duman, CDP

Sister Bernadette Duman is the archivist for the Marie de la Roche Province. She has been in this position since 2010.

Given the large number of documents and photographs that have been collected over the years, Sister Bernie's days are quite busy as she identifies, labels, and files the materials that continually find their way to the archives. Having access to the Sisters' vintage and family photos aids her in preparing a photo board when a Sister dies.

Although the task of keeping the Sisters’ records in order can be quite daunting at times, Sister Bernie finds her work rewarding. "I try to make God's Providence visible in my work by being conscientious of the task at hand and by being gracious when assisting other staff members. In doing my job, I gain a deeper appreciation for the wonderful work our Sisters have done and the accomplishments they've achieved."