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Jeanine Ruhe, CDP

Sister Jeanine Ruhe entered religious life from St. Joseph parish in Duquesne, Pa. Her paternal grandmother always prayed that one of her nine children would enter religious life, and although that didn’t happen, her oldest son’s two daughters, Sisters Agnes Therese and Mary Lea (both deceased) and her youngest son’s two daughters, Sisters Marietta and Jeanine, entered the Congregation of Divine Providence, the religious community that staffed their parish school, St. Joseph School.

Sister Jeanine earned a master of science in library science from the Catholic University of America. She was a teacher and a principal in Catholic elementary schools in Michigan, Ohio, and the Pittsburgh area. At Providence Heights Alpha School she was a tutor and library assistant; her present position there is part-time kindergarten aide. She helps the children with their reading, motor skills, and game playing, generally reinforcing what they have learned. She says of the children, “I try to be attentive to their physical, emotional, psychological, social, and developmental needs, as it gives them positive reinforcement. Since we are all God’s children, we need to respect each other. Everything we do is a work of God, so whatever we do, we should do it to the best of our ability.”