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Anne Arnold, CDP

Sister Anne Arnold, formerly Sister Jane Evelyn, entered religious life from St. Basil Parish in Carrick, Pa. She cites the essence of religious life and the charism of the Congregation of Divine Providence as the most influential factors that led her to become a Sister. She says that while the externals of religious life held no appeal, she was drawn by the inner dynamics of a lifestyle that would not be preoccupied with materialism or personal gain, but rather spent in helping others.

Sister Anne earned bachelor of science in education from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. Initially assigned to teach junior high, she worked herself down the corporate ladder—she taught every grade and learned from each one! Her teaching ministry included St. Mary in Beaver Falls (1958–61), Saints Peter & Paul in East Liberty (1961–63), St. Mary in McKees Rocks (1963–64), St. Mary in Ford City (1964–65), St. Joseph in Braddock (1965–66), St. Anne in Castle Shannon (1966–67), St. Mary in Sharpsburg (1971–75), St. Margaret in Greentree (1975–77), St. Sylvester in Brentwood (1977–78), and St. Ambrose in Spring Hill (1978–79). She was a social minister at St. Kieran Parish in Lawrenceville (1982–88). She returned to teaching at Community College of Allegheny County in Pittsburgh (1988–92) and Providence Heights Alpha School in Allison Park (1992–94). She also taught at Community College of Allegheny County.

In looking back over the years, Sister Anne recalls that her ministry has had many twists and turns. After 32 years in the classroom, she was called to social ministry, which provided a world of insights beyond her wildest imagination. She witnessed selfless parishioners whose faith and generosity were lived out in dedicated service to their parish, and she witnessed the heroic acceptance of chronic, debilitating illnesses. She recalls that as she began her quest to be a helper, she found that she ended up being the receiver, rather than the giver.

Sister Anne says, “I give thanks and praise to an all-Provident God for nurturing me in a Community that fosters trust, hope, and confidence in a God who does sustain us as we try to cope with life’s challenges.”

In her spare time, Sister Anne enjoys writing personal letters, recycling greeting cards, and solving the New York Times crossword puzzles.