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Emma Jean Middendorf, CDP

Sister Emma Jean Middendorf teaches German at Sacred Heart High School, in Kingston, Mass. In addition to teaching German, she is chair of the World Languages Department. She also is the Associate coordinator in Kingston.

Sister Emma Jean's ministry in education has spanned more than 45 years. She has taught at St. Sylvester (Brentwood, Pa.), Queen of Peace (Harper Woods, Mich.), St. Joseph (Braddock, Pa.), St. Alphonsus (Springdale, Pa.), All Saints (Etna, Pa.), St. Joan of Arc (Orleans, Mass.), St. Francis Xavier (South Weymouth, Mass.), St. Cecilia (Stamford, Conn.), and Fachschute furst Sozialpedogogich (Obersuensel, Germany).

Sister Emma Jean also worked in the library in Pittsburgh during the 1940s. She was a great influence on Robert Munsch, who says of Sister Emma Jean, “She let me live in the school library. I didn’t do well in school (he almost flunked first grade and also the second, third, fourth, and fifth grades), but was an avid reader, and she was happy to let me muck around in the library.” Munsch’s library days paid off, as he is a published author of 49 books.