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Mary Joan Coultas, CDP

Sister Mary Joan Coultas is the program director at Kearns Spirituality Center.

In addition to planning the program calendar, she works closely with the Center’s committee to help spread the charism of the Sisters. She is responsible for arranging for guest speakers, musicians, and groups for the various programs; she plans and administers annual retreats for the Sisters; and she facilitates programs suited to her psychology background.

Sister Mary Joan and the staff meet weekly for prayer and faith sharing. The Sisters’ spirit and charism is the heart and soul of programming at Kearns, sometimes subtly and at other times more overtly.

Sister Mary Joan says, "Many of the people who visit the Center know the expression 'Making God’s Providence visible,' and they share with us the ways in which they are doing this in the broader community. Many of the local peace and justice groups who visit us are aware of the Community’s involvement in peace, justice, and social concerns issues. For us at Kearns, this involvement is as important as breathing."