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Agnes Marie Geringer, CDP

Sister Agnes Marie Geringer entered religious life in 1956. She considers her aunt, Sister Justina, a Sister of St. Joseph, as the person who most influenced her decision to enter religious life, as she admired her and wanted to be like her.

The better part of Sister Agnes Marie’s ministry was in food service, where she served at the Mt. Providence motherhouse in St. Louis for 30 years (1959–89). In fact, Sister Agnes Marie used to prepare the 200 loaves of bread needed for St. Elizabeth Medical Center's Bread Day. The first Bread Day at St. Elizabeth's was in March 1975 in celebration of the Governing Board's decision to refer to all employees as Associates. Associates were treated to complimentary bread and tubs of whipped honey-butter on Valentine's Day, Holy Thursday and the feast day of St. Elizabeth. The significance of Bread Day was two-fold; it employed the symbolic act of breaking bread with the hospital family and it was done in memory of St. Elizabeth, the patron saint of the medical center who was known for distributing bread to the poor. 

She ministered in child care at St. Mary’s Special School (1989–98). The opportunity to serve special needs students was the aspect of Sister Agnes Marie's religious life that she has found most rewarding. She was also the local director at the motherhouse, St. Elizabeth's and St. Clare’s Villa (1998-2012), of which she said of her time as director, “As director of our senior Sisters, I strived to fulfill their needs, and in doing so, it often called for patience, understanding and self-sacrifice.”

Currently, Sister Agnes Marie resides at St. Clare’s Villa where she serves in prayer and general service ministry. Describing herself as happy, faithful, caring, kind and prayerful, she enjoys rosary making, volunteering in soup kitchens and simply relaxing with her fellow Sisters in her spare time. Helping the needy and depending on Providence is how she sees herself living out her charism.