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Zita Kessler, CDP

Sister Zita Kessler entered religious life from St. Mary’s parish in Glenshaw, PA. She credits her family and the Sisters at St. Mary’s who taught her with influencing her vocation and supporting her decision to become a Sister.

Her ministry over the years has varied. She has served in internal ministry at Providence Heights as receptionist, and has helped care for the retired Sisters in the assisted living quarters (1972–86; 97–04); she served as Bishop Wright’s cook (1958–72); and she co-managed St. Ambrose Manor in Pittsburgh’s Spring Hill neighborhood (1987–98).

Sister Zita has always found religious life to be full of surprises and new challenges. She says, “I have always felt God’s blessing upon me, in whatever was asked of me. There were always people to serve and work to be accomplished.” Her concern for others and her willingness to do any task that could be helpful to the Community earned her the Marie de la Roche Award in 2001. The award was given annually to a Sister who best exemplified the spirit and virtues of the Congregation’s founder, Mother Marie de la Roche.

Self-described as a people person, Sister Zita is patient, sensitive to others’ needs, is caring, and has a positive outlook. In addition to helping and serving others, she enjoys reading and organizing things. Presently, she is a part-time staff member at Providence Heights.

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