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Patricia Ann Moffett, CDP

Sister Patricia Ann Moffett entered the Sisters of Divine Providence in 1951. She is one of seven children. The first thing you notice when you meet Sister Patty Ann is her smile. She always has a smile on her face and a warm greeting for everyone.

Early in her ministry, Sister Patty Ann was a teacher. She taught in Pittsburgh, Pa., and in Fall River, Mass. Sister Patty Ann was in food service for 40 years; she cooked for the Sisters and children in Kingston, Mass. She especially enjoyed baking and working with yeast dough, and providing good, wholesome meals. She has also worked as a full-time waitress at a senior residential care facility in Kingston (2001–06). When she returned to Pittsburgh, she became the hospitality coordinator at Kearns Spirituality Center (2007–08), a sponsored ministry of the Sisters of Divine Providence. Since 2008, she has volunteered in the development office, and she has served in hospitality at the Providence Heights motherhouse.

Sister Patty Ann’s energy seems endless. Her love of baking continues to this day. In 2013, right before Christmas, she shared her famous Danish recipe with one of the SAGE employees (the food service provider for the Sisters), and, together, they made enough Danish to share with the Community.