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Marjorie Nickel, CDP

Sister Marjorie Nickel entered the Sisters of Divine Providence in 1947, from her home parish of St. Basil, in Pittsburgh. She served as development director for the Kingston, MA, area until she formally retired at the end of 2011.

In the earliest days of her ministry, Sister Marjorie taught English to the postulants of the Sisters of Divine Providence, when she was not much older than they were. She taught math and English in high school, and served as principal at Sacred Heart High School in Kingston. She taught at La Roche College in Pittsburgh, and served as Dean of the Graduate School and Continuing Education at Assumption College in Worcester, MA. Regardless of the different teaching positions she held, it was teaching English that remained her passion. When the Sisters from Peru began coming to the United States for formation, Sister Marjorie recognized a way for her to meet the needs of the time. She returned to her first role of teaching English, this time as a second language to native Spanish speakers.

Sister Marjorie says that Sister Victorine Verosky, who was a Sister of Divine Providence, was her teacher at St. Basil’s in Carrick, PA, and her greatest influence in entering religious life.

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