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Rose Elena Reyes Colon, CDP

Sister Rose Elena Reyes Colón was inspired through a vocational retreat at San Miguel parish in Utuado, Puerto Rico. She subsequently entered the Community from Sacred Heart of Jesus parish.

For more than 13 years, Sister Rose Elena was a faithful volunteer in pastoral ministry at Sacred Heart of Jesus. Prior to that, she ministered at Sacred Heart Colegio in San Felipe, Arecibo (1962–68); Colegio San Miguel, Parroquia, San Miguel, Utuado (1970–74); and Colegio San Felipe, Arecibo (1979–94).

Amiable, responsible, and Spirit-filled are the words Sister Rose Elena uses to describe herself. She feels that by her example, her work, and her prayers, she lives her Community’s charism as a Provident woman, united with the Spirit of Jesus who directs her to promote peace, joy, and love. She says, “By my life, I try to bring souls to Jesus.”

At present, Sister Rose Elena is in prayer and general service ministry. She says, “In my life of prayer, I unite myself with God, and whatever I do is done with care, with love, for this is God’s will for me.”