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Carol Tenerovich, CDP +

Sister Carol Tenerovich, formerly Sister Leanne, entered religious life from Our Lady of Victory parish in Harwick, Pa. She was most influenced in her vocation by the joy she experienced with the young Sisters serving at St. Alphonsus Elementary School in Springdale, Pa, among them Sisters Laurie (Laurentia) Hoegle, Mary Gilbert, and Charlotte Gatz.

She was a teacher in the early part of her ministry, and later became a director of religious education. She ministered at St. John De La Salle Parish in Delmont (1973-79), and was with the Office of Religious Education in the Diocese of Wheeling, WV, for eight years (1980-88), years she describes as “the most growth-filled and exciting of my entire religious education career.” She also served as director of religious education at SS. Peter & Paul Convent in Decatur, Ga. (1996-98), and St. Joseph Parish in Waycross, Ga. (1998-99). Since 1999, she has served as a volunteer in pastoral ministry at S.C.I. Fayette Prison in LaBelle, Pa. She finds the ministry extraordinarily gratifying.

Through her ministry, Sister Carol believes she is able to give the most vulnerable among us a sense that God is with them, God cares about them, and wishes to be their companion in life. Her life and ministry reflect her belief that “the lifestyles of women religious are often very interesting, meaningful, exciting, and fulfilling.”

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