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  • Providence Heights

Providence Heights
9000 Babcock Boulevard
Allison Park, PA 15101
Phone: 412-931-5241
Fax: 412-635-5406

Providence Heights in Allison Park, Pa.,  is our provincial motherhouse. The building houses sixty Sisters as well as the Providence Heights Alpha School, administrative offices, and the Marie de la Roche Center, where the Provincial Leadership Team has its offices. The La Roche College campus is next door.

Sisters in the Pittsburgh area maintain an active teaching ministry, which includes the Providence Heights Alpha School and La Roche College. A number of other Sisters also teach and minister at other elementary schools, high schools, and colleges. Other Sisters in the Pittsburgh area work in healthcare, pastoral care, social work, counseling, foster parenting, direct service to the poor, social justice advocacy, and other ministries.

There are currently 134 Sisters in the Pittsburgh area. Sixty Sisters live together at Providence Heights motherhouse, 55 live in smaller groups in convents in the Pittsburgh area, and several others live separately in the Pittsburgh area close to their ministries. Other Sisters from the Pittsburgh area are ministering in Arizona, Florida, Kansas, Michigan, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, and elsewhere in Pennsylvania.