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Become an Associate

The associate formation process is based on the teachings of the Second Vatican Council. It is designed to offer women and men a way to live out their baptismal call within the tradition of spirituality and mission of the Congregation of the Sisters of Divine Providence.

Associates are a diverse group of men and women,who come from a variety of occupations and religious traditions. Some Associates are single, others are married, divorced, or widowed. If you are interested in deepening your relationship with our Provident God, please find out more!

The process of becoming an Associate is a journey of discernment, prayer, and formation.

  1. Fill out our Inquiry Form or contact the Director of Associates at associates@cdpsisters.org, who will talk with you about becoming an Associate and give you additional information.
  2. Complete an application.
  3. In conversation with the Director of Associates, choose a companion to accompany you through the 10-month inquiry period.
  4. During the 10-month inquiry journey, participate in orientation sessions and learn about Providence spirituality and the Community’s mission, charism, history, and ministries.
  5. After a mutual discernment process, you may be invited to make a formal commitment as an Associate of the Sisters of Divine Providence.
  6. If you choose to become an Associate, you will be received and blessed in a formal commitment ceremony, at which time all Sisters and Associates renew their commitments and are commissioned to make Providence more visible in the world.

The initial covenant commitment is for a period of one year. After that year, and at the end of each subsequent commitment, an Associate may renew his or her commitment for a period of one to five years.

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Life As an Associate

Associates come from different backgrounds and maintain their own individual lifestyles. They partner with the Sisters of Divine Providence through mutual covenant.

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Associates FAQ

Do you have questions about the Associate program? You might find answers here.

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Formation Resources

If you are thinking about becoming an Associate, these selections from the Associate Spiritual Journey Binder will give you an idea of what the process would be like.