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A World War II nurse who became a nun is honored on Veterans Day

Article by Ashley Murray/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Videography by Jessie Wardarski/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Before the politicians arrived, before residence hall volunteers passed around the red, white and blue Jell-O parfaits, and before dozens of nuns filled the convent meeting room with verses of “America the Beautiful,” Sister Melanie Kambic looked around and saw “a lot of to do about nothing.”

“I’m grateful for all the attention I’m getting, but I think there’s a lot of veterans around who could also be enjoying this,” she said. “I’m not sure why they picked me.”

But the nearly 100 family, friends and peers who on Monday honored the 98-year-old United States Army Nurse Corps veteran remained steadfast in their accolades. Gathered in a meeting room at the Sisters of Divine Providence convent, they described her storied life and career as “selfless” and “nuclear powered.” CLICK HERE to read the full article or print from the attachment below.

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