Mission Statement

We, the Congregation of Divine Providence, impelled by the Spirit of Jesus, commit ourselves to co-create a world of compassion, justice and peace. Guided by the legacy of Wilhelm Emmanuel von Ketteler and Marie de la Roche, we nurture in ourselves and in others a trust and confidence in God’s faithful presence. We further commit ourselves to making God’s providence more visible in our world.


Inspired by Mother Marie, who in response to the lure of Providence, sacrificed her religion, family and culture, we, as women religious called to a prophetic life form and compelled to make God’s providence visible, choose a future characterized by justice and compassion.

  • We are energized by the life of Bishop Ketteler, who made God’s providence visible as he confronted those in civil and ecclesiastical authority; who risked his status and reputation in the pursuit of justice; who opened his home to the poor, in the name of compassion.
  • We are blessed by God’s indiscriminate graciousness,
  • We live in the abundance of God’s loving providence,
  • And we are strengthened by the bonds of inclusive community.


  • we will cherish our intercultural and international ties;
  • we will strive for right relationships with all;
  • we will courageously risk being marginalized;
  • we will live and promote every form of non-violence;
  • we will generously share even in the midst of scarcity.

- Congregational Statement on Charism, Accepted August 2013