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Keeping the tradition of music alive

Congratulations to Sister Rosemonde Deck, CDP, on the release of her album "Joyous Spirit." The CD contains 16 of her original piano compositions.

Sister Rosemonde Deck began her musical training as a young child in a very musical family, under the tutelage of her mother, Gladys. After Sister Rosemonde and her blood sister, Sister Rosalie, joined the Sisters of Divine Providence in Pittsburgh they were educated at Duquesne University. Sister Rosemonde obtained her Bachelor Degree in Music education and a Master of Music Degree from Duquesne. Both Sisters studied piano there and later were trained in vocal performance. Sisters Rosemonde and Rosalie eventually became nationally and internationally known as the Singing Sisters. Throughout her career, Sister Rosemonde has taught music at Sacred Heart High School in Kingston, Massachusetts, including private piano lessons and vocal performance. Currently, Sister Rosemonde resides at Providence House in Kingston. She spends her time composing piano music, singing for and accompanying liturgies and other occasions, and teaching a few private students.

To listen to her composition "Dream Catcher" from the newly released album, click on the file attachment below.

To purchase a copy of the album, click on the order form below.

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