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Aurora turns out to give sister a big virtual hug

By April Helms Reporter
Jun 30, 2020

AURORA – Vehicles lined the perimeter of the parking lot of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, horns honking, and people cheering and waving as they drove by and greeted Sister Lu Haidnick.

Haidnick, who worked for Our Lady of Perpetual Help for 24 years, is leaving the parish to go to Pittsburgh to continue her work. So the community turned out Monday, June 29 to bid her farewell. More than 70 vehicles paraded through the parking lot, many decorated with balloons, streamers and signs, and several people left gifts for Haidnick, who greeted everyone and gave many virtual hugs during the evening. Vehicles included a fire engine from the Aurora Fire Department, several police squad vehicles and Mayor Ann Womer Benjamin. One vehicle’s occupants came up from Youngstown. CLICK HERE to read the full article.

(Pictured right: "This is what we think of when we think of you." Michelle and Justin Barnette hold up paper hearts for Sr. Lu Haidnick during the June 29 drive-by parade at Our Lady of Perpetual Help. —April K. Helms, MyTownNEO.com)