Manifesting the Kingdom Award

Congratulations to Sister Rita Adams, director of Providence Institute at La Roche College, on being selected as a recipient of the 2015 Manifesting the Kingdom award.

The Providence Institute helps students who struggled with academics in high school to realize their full potential and educational goals at La Roche and beyond. Students in the program receive individualized attention from peer counselors, tutors and staff in the Office of Student Academic Support Services. As director, Sister Rita interviews all candidates who are being considered for acceptance into the program, and their parents or guardians. Once students are enrolled in the program, she monitors their academic progress and meets with them on an individual basis once a week during each semester.

Sister Rita says, "God’s Providence becomes more and more visible to me each day as I work with students who are given an opportunity to achieve their potential as individuals in an educational setting that may not have otherwise been possible." Sister Rita loves to watch the students who doubted life's possibilities achieve their goals. She says, "Providence comes alive when I see the students begin to realize they can give back to La Roche College as well as receive from La Roche College. And Providence is made more alive for me every day when I think of the Sisters of Divine Providence whose shoulders I stand on and who have made God’s Providence possible for La Roche College for more than 50 years."

The Manifesting the Kingdom award was given by Bishop David Zubik at a mass on June 7, 2015, at St. Paul Cathedral to laypeople and consecrated women and men who demonstrate the presence of Jesus in their lives and have participated in an exceptional service to the Church reflected in so many different ways in the lives, ministry and work of those who receive it.

Click here to watch Sister Rita receive her Manifesting the Kingdom award on Christian Associates TV (minute 1:43:35)