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Message from La Roche College President

The recent hurricanes in the Caribbean have devastated the families of many of our students from the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. As I am sure you know, homes have been destroyed, there is widespread flooding, power will be out for a long time in some places, and lives have been lost.

Our students from the affected areas are understandably afraid, heartbroken, and worried about their families. And our College community has responded with great love and practical assistance. I am very proud of the way that the Student Life staff—as well as the whole La Roche family—have embraced our students and are rallying around them during this terrible crisis. La Roche’s mission, to light through love, never shines more brightly than when we put our compassion into action for those in our community who are hurting.

I have given the students from hurricane-damaged areas my personal assurance that La Roche College will do everything possible to help them through this ordeal. While the damage hasn’t even been assessed yet and hurricane season is by no means over, many efforts are already underway to provide assistance to our students, their families, and communities. Beyond the urgent humanitarian needs that our students’ families will undoubtedly face, we have made a commitment that no student will be forced to withdraw from the College because of a financial crisis brought about by these storms.

Therefore, the College has created a fund raising initiative and is promoting it through social media, email, and other channels, to raise emergency funds that we can use to assist our students with educational and other essential expenses necessary to carry them through the trying months that lie ahead. Will you please consider helping in the following three ways?

1) Please pray for our students, their families, and their communities.

2) Please share our fund raising page through your social media presence, your email contacts, however is appropriate for you.

3) Please consider your own contribution to La Roche’s Hurricane Relief Student Aid Fund. You can give through the link, or—if you prefer—you may  forward a check to the Advancement Office, made payable to La Roche College, with “Hurricane Relief Student Fund” in the notation.  
I am so grateful for the generosity of La Roche’s faculty and staff expressed in so many ways. Your support of our annual employee campaign is always generous and heartwarming, and I know that you give throughout the year to many worthy causes that are dear to you. We know that giving can be a sacrifice, and we do not take your support for granted. But if there is any way, above and beyond your ongoing support for the College, that you can help our students during this difficult time, I would very much appreciate your consideration.
Thank you again for all that you do to bring La Roche College’s mission to life. May God continue to bless our community.
Sister Candace Introcaso, CDP, Ph.D.