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Sisters of Divine Providence Welcome Three New Associates

  • Karen Snyder, Teresa Kinzer, and Erin Dowling Middleton

On Saturday, May 17, 2014, Sisters and Associates gathered in the Mother of Divine Providence Chapel at Providence Heights to welcome three new Associates. The liturgy also included a commitment renewal for all other Associates who were present. 

Please join us in welcoming these three new Associates!

Karen Snyder has been immersed in Providence spirituality for more than 20 years. She has participated in programs at Kearns Spirituality Center since its beginning and has been in relationship with several Sisters and Associates for many years. At one of the book discussions at Kearns, Associate Jeanne Kohser invited Karen to join the Inquiry group. As she attended the sessions, Karen became aware of the ways in which she already makes God’s Providence visible in the world. She is married and has one son, and she loves babysitting her grandchildren. Karen lives our Providence charism as she shares in her large extended family. Karen, we’re delighted that you’re now more formally connected to our Providence Community. Welcome!

Theresa Kinzer has been a part of our Community since her grade school days at St. Margaret School in Greentree. Our Sisters taught her there, and she has stayed connected to the Community through her sister, Pat Montgomery, who is an Associate. Pat invited Theresa to “come and see” when the Inquiry sessions began in September 2013. Theresa hopes to learn more about the mission of the Sisters and Associates and participate in the activities sponsored by the Community. She is married and has two children; she is also the proud grandmother of four. She loves to bake, and cookies are her specialty. Theresa, you’ve been a lifelong friend of our Community, and we’re proud to have you join us as a new Associate. Welcome!

Erin Dowling Middleton is the director of volunteers at Good Samaritan Hospice. Through her work with families, she met one of our Associates, who invited her to become a part of the Associate group. She sees her relationship with our Provident God as already present in her life and joined the Inquiry sessions to deepen that relationship. Erin has five children and works full-time. She has already participated in several of the events sponsored by our Associates. She brings a very positive spirit to the Associates, one that encourages all to live life to the fullest. Her continual search for God’s grace and goodness in her life and in the lives of her family is a joy to see. Erin, you are a blessing to our Providence Community. Welcome!

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