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They were fond of sweets

by Service Podcast
March 2, 2020

World War II transformed women’s service both in the U.S. Armed Forces and in their stateside communities — millions would serve at home and abroad as nurses, clerics, drivers, front-line food peddlers, and even pilots. The work wasn’t easy. To survive the shifting job market, they had to work twice as hard for half the pay. They had to suffer how society could look up or down on them at any given moment. They had to adapt, grow, and endure.

Army Nurse Victoria Louise Kambic found when tempting wounded soldiers and fussing children, a bag of sweets in her pocket helped, too.

Victoria became Sister Melanie Kambic, and she shares her World War II war and food story with us from the Sisters of Divine Providence convent in Allison Park, Pennsylvania.

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Avery Keatley engineered this episode. Thank you to Sister Rose Anne Krantz and Susan Rohm at the Sisters of Divine Providence convent for assisting with this interview.