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Woman's Kindness Saves Soggy Shopping Trip

On August 8, 2019, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published Sr. Marlene Luffy's story about a random act of kindness. We are very grateful to the woman for her kindness toward Sr. Marlene and making Providence more visible in our world.

On a Thursday morning in June, I prepared to go grocery shopping at the neighborhood Giant Eagle. We had rainstorms on and off during the week, and the forecast for that day was for another afternoon storm. When I left in the morning—even though the storm was predicted for the afternoon—I took my umbrella. When I finished shopping and left the store a little before noon, the storm arrived prematurely. Rain was coming down in torrents. With groceries in the cart, I decided to join three other shoppers who stood outside the store under the protection of the extended roof, waiting for the rain to stop. About three minutes later, a lady arriving to shop came up to me and offered to watch my grocery cart. It gave me the opportunity to bring my car to the door. I thanked her and declined her offer...