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Congregational Leadership Team

Founded in Finthen, Germany, in 1851, the Sisters of Divine Providence is an international congregation of three provinces (Germany, United States-Caribbean, Korea) and one mission (Peru) with approximately 400 members and 200 Associates.

The Congregation is headquartered in Rhode Island and led by a Congregational Leadership Team of four Sisters elected every five years by delegates from each of the provinces:

Sister Maria Fest, Congregational Leader (Marie de la Roche Province, United States/Caribbean)
Sister Mary Francis Fletcher, Congregational Team Member (Marie de la Roche Province, United States/Caribbean)
Sister Liberata Ricker, Congregational Team Member (Emmanuel von Ketteler Province, Germany)
Sister Rosa Eunsoon Kim, Congregational Team Member (St. Joseph Province, Korea)

Pictured from left to right: Sisters Liberata Ricker, Maria Fest, Mary Francis Fletcher and Rosa Eunsoon Kim