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70 Years in 2019

Joan Wolf, CDP

Sister Joan Wolf, formerly Sister Marietta, entered religious life from Our Lady of Sorrows in St. Louis. She credits the Sisters who taught her and their example of working together, working for others and serving Christ with influencing her vocation to religious life. 

Marguerite Luddon, CDP

Sister Marguerite Luddon, formerly Sister Mary Laurence, entered the Sisters of Divine Providence from her home parish, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, in Florissant, MO. She was most influenced to enter religious life by her teachers in grade school—Sisters of Divine Providence—especially Sister Mary Ann Haug. Sister Margie tells the story of when she was a child and found a ring in a small tin box in a closet at home. She said, "I took the ring—it almost fit—and wore it." Her mom told her the ring had belonged to her grandmother.

Rosemonde Deck, CDP

Sister Rosemonde Deck entered the Sisters of Divine Providence in 1949, from her home parish of St. Michael’s in Loretto, PA. Making the sacrament of First Holy Communion was Sister Rosemonde’s greatest influence in entering religious life. She recalls the Franciscan Sisters and the Sisters of Divine Providence as being role models as well.

Zita Telkamp, CDP

Sister Zita Telkamp entered religious life from St. Mary in Brussels, IL. Her 6th grade teacher, Sister Innocent, CDP—a missionary for many years in one of the poorest areas in Puerto Rico—was one of her influences to become a Sister. Sister Zita said, "Her kindness and the many stories she told us of her experience teaching little children about God and my reading the monthly edition of the Maryknoll Mission Magazine influenced my decision to become a religious."

Jeanine Ruhe, CDP

Sister Jeanine Ruhe entered religious life from St. Joseph parish in Duquesne, Pennsylvania. Her paternal grandmother always prayed that one of her nine children would enter religious life. Although that didn’t happen, her oldest son’s daughters, Sisters Agnes Therese and Mary Lea (both deceased), and her youngest son’s daughters, Sisters Marietta (deceased) and Jeanine, entered the Congregation of Divine Providence—the religious community that staffed their parish school, St. Joseph School. Sister Jeanine said, "When I was a child, I was interested in being a teacher.

Mary Margaret Paliotte, CDP

Sister Mary Margaret Paliotte entered religious life from St. John the Baptist in Monaca, PA. Of what influenced her decision to enter religious life, she said, "I had a happy home life. Our life was very simple. I wanted children to know that they could have a happy home life!" 

Maura Luffy, CDP

Sister Maura Luffy entered religious life from St. Basil parish in Carrick, Pa. One of 11 children, her sister Marlene is also a Sister of Divine Providence. She lost her father when she was only 9, but credits her mom with raising a tight-knit family. It was her mother’s faith, the way she lived her life, and the respect she had for the Sisters who taught her that strongly influenced her decision to become a Sister.

Clarice Carlson, CDP

Sister Clarice Carlson entered religious life from St. Basil’s parish in Carrick, PA. She credits her grandmother with influencing her decision to become a Sister. She said, “She was my role model as a woman of faith.”

Roseann DeNardis, CDP

Sister Roseann DeNardis entered religious life from St. Walburga’s parish in Pittsburgh. Her good Catholic home and the Sisters of Divine Providence who taught her were her greatest influences in deciding to become a Sister. Her blood sister, Sister Sandra DeNardis, is also a Sister of Divine Providence. Sister Roseann recalls that having two vocations to the religious life was thought to be a blessing, for the most part, until her father realized just how empty and quiet their home was.