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Sisters all around the Marie de la Roche Province will remember your prayer intentions during their morning and evening prayers. CLICK HERE to submit a prayer to the Sisters of Divine Providence.

Public Prayers

Infant Sebastian: Prayers for my family members, Anthony, Theresa, Maria, Sebastian, Jennifer and the baby in her womb.
Philip: Please help me pray to save my marriage. My wife Leah left 7 months ago and she is limiting communication. And my family business & home are going through a lot of financial turmoil. Thank you and May God Bless your work and grant your prayers!
Alexandra Badea: My grandmother (Chiraca) passed away today, July 11. Please pray for her soul.
Billie Estremera : Requesting prayers for my family to come together and love one another, for my financial situation to improve. My heart is heavy with all that is going on with the kids and immigration and I ask for prayer for those families as well. Thank you!
Ivan Guzman-vital: Personal intentions
Kathleen Smith: Healing for Jon who recently suffered a stroke & brain damage from a fall caused by the stroke. (Jon's father passed away during this time.) Prayers for strength and guidance for his wife, Sue, who has taken leave from her job serving as a student companion for special needs children. (Sue is now caring for Jon, who requires 24/7 care). Helping, caring and teaching special needs children was and is their passion.
Anonymous: Please pray for me - that I will receive good news at my Dr. appt, that I am able to remain in my home, and that I will have peace of mind and be able to sleep better. Please pray for my son, who has emotional problems and for my son-in-law that he is able to get time off from work to take his daughter on a Girl Scout trip.
Lisa Mosser - CDP employee: My daughter Allie's fiance, Lonnie, broke his ankle and had surgery this morning (7/9/18). Please pray for an uncomplicated and speedy recovery. Thank you. Also for Alice Myers, cancer.
Sister Agnes Raible: My gratitude to all who have expressed their sympathy in any way at the death of my sister, Mary Agnes, (Maisy). Your visits, cards, and hugs have assured me of God's Love at this time of loss. Thank you.
Christina Ward: Prayer for my sister (Teresa) who is feeling really lost.
Sister Elena Almendarez: Please pray for Albert Amelio, who passed away recently. He is the uncle of Tina Beacham, wife of Alpha School teacher Doug Beacham. Thank you.
Sisters Elena and Michele: Please pray for Sheila Mueller, accounting professor at La Roche College, whose husband Fred passed away on Friday, July 6, after a very long battle with Parkinson's disease. Thank you.
Joyce K.: Personal intentions
Simone Blanche: Personal intentions
Gino George: Dear Sisters, I am in a very critical situation regarding my job visa application. The result is going to come on next week. Please consider me and my family in your prayers. Thanks in advance.
Associate Sally Shamalla: For Josh and Laura whose home has been flooded with 5 feet of raw sewage. Damage has been so extensive that the foundation may need to be excavated and replaced. The PSW has still not found the source of damage. Ten other homes have been affected. Prayers for J and L as well as the other 10 families so that they can be strong through this ordeal especially in caring for their two small children.
Leajia Smith: Personal intentions
Maria: Personal intentions
Emily Odilia: Dear Sisters, thank you for your prayers, my visa is granted. Praise the Lord! Please continue to pray for the upcoming steps of the visa applications. Please heal all the misunderstandings and hatred at my workplace, fill us with peace, harmony and love.
Associate Linda Hoefflin: Please remember the following Associates in your prayers: Mary Hassler as she recovers from a pacemaker insertion. Ron Payton for continued improvement in his health.. Sylvia Resha as she prepares for tests. Rose Vierdag for a speedy recovery after a sprained wrist from a fall. Terry Southerland as she continues to recover from a health issue.
Associate Erin Middleton: Associate Jimmy Dunn's daughter just called me this afternoon to say her dad is stabilizing and will come home soon. Jimmy and Helen have decided to choose Catholic hospice care for him at this time. She refrained from sharing any timeline stating that her dad had a positive and strong attitude and while he is having some difficulty breathing due to his lung cancer and pneumonia, he will be around as long as he continues to desire to be with us! He appreciates hearing from everyone via cards.
Ursula Martins: Dear Sisters, Please pray for me that God will give wisdom to the gastroenterologist to do further tests and that all will be normal and show no signs of any serious disease or need for surgery.
Sister Judy Connor: For my sister, Susan, who is looking for employment. For a special intention for my cousins Amy, Steve, and Dana.
Rinu: Left my job last week. Need to find a good job. My family is forcing me to join a job in UAE. I really want to stay with my family and have a good job here in Mumbai. Please help me to make the correct decision. Thank you.
Sister Bernie Duman: Jimmy Dunn, one of our Associates, was taken to Mercy Hospital on Friday(June 29) with pneumonia. He has been suffering for several weeks with another bout of cancer and has been plagued with breathing problems. Please keep in special in prayer. Thank you.
Anonymous: Please pray for my sister - that she is in remission for leukemia and has a successful stem cell transplant - that she is free of this illness.
Anonymous: Please pray for my daughter, who is in rehab suffering from alcoholism - that she does well, no longer drinks, and is able to be a good mother to her children.
Sister Marise Hrabosky: For my Mom, Mary Hrabosky - she getting weaker, that she has peaceful days.
Marlene: Please keep in your prayers, Dina, who is having very serious health problems. Thanks!
Sister Jeanine Ruhe: My relative, Rosemary Denne, passed away. Many of the Sisters probably remember her. Her family attended St. Joseph School in Duquesne. Prayers for her and her family. Thank you!
Sister Jeanine Ruhe: Ed Bobinchock's brother, Leonard's wife, Rose, passed away. Please keep her and her family in your prayers. Thank you!
Emily Odilia: Dear Sister, thank you for your blessings, my visa is granted. Please continue to pray for the upcoming steps of the application, bless Vincent and Wella who help me along the way. Please pray over my apartment to be rented out soon and heal all the misunderstanding and hatred at work, fill our life with peace, harmony and love.
Christina Ward: Please pray for my niece, Maria, that God would help her to find ways for healthy living (diet &exercise), find her center in God, to direct her in a career/college path. Let her senior year be a smooth and gentle year. Thank you.
Rose Mary Green: Please pray for Steve Huber who had two emergency surgeries today. Many thanks.
Rupert: On Thursday (5th July), I'm going to have a job interview at our seminary in order to become a priest. Please pray for me that I'll be accepted at the seminary and become a good and holy priest for the greater glory of God and for his holy church. Please pray also for all my friends, relatives and benefactors both living and deceased.
Lucinda Allen: Please pray for the healing of my marriage. The healing of my family, my husband Patrick's healing, softening of heart and conversion.