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Sisters all around the Marie de la Roche Province will remember your prayer intentions during their morning and evening prayers. CLICK HERE to submit a prayer to the Sisters of Divine Providence.

Public Prayers

Sharnice Cyprien: I would like prayer to receive a very special miracle just for me that will completely work in my favor.
Miriam Andrews: Please ask God to cure my headaches. Thank you.
Miara Cash: Please pray for blessings on the Bourgade Sophomore Day of Prayer (March 3), Women's retreat (March 6-7), and the GCU Newman Center Spring retreat, that God would pour out graces of conversion and openness, and that these hearts would be strengthened to follow the Lord in daily discipleship, in the love of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Please also pray for Fr. David Loeffler, our chaplain, that he would be strengthened, protected, and sustained by the Lord. Thank you!
Anna Cheah: Please pray for my husband David in Turkey. He is facing a legal issue which he did not committed. Pray that Mighty God will intercede to settle his issue and bring him home to reunite with his beloved one. I trust and have faith in GOD that HE will move HIS hand. Thank you and God Bless
Sister Candace Introcaso: Please remember in your prayers, Maria Caruso, Chair of La Roche dance program, as she undergoes surgery on March 2 for removal of a breast tumor.
Eva Hernandez: Please pray for the health of Eva-lymphedema and cancer, Mark-MRSA, Diane-problems with digestion and nerves, Harley-diabetes, Delia-digestion and broken bone in foot, Chelsea-stomach, Karla-nerves, Evelyn-alcoholism, Ricky and Kayleen-autism. Please pray for deceased Nestor, Guadalupe, Ricky, Delia, Sele, Aunts-Eva, Victoria and Salome. Thank you.
Derek Solomon: Please Pray 54 day Rosary Novena for me. My faith is weak and I have enemies.
Associate Sylvia Resha: Please pray for family member, Rachel, who is beginning on Monday for cancer treatment for gallbladder and liver cancer.
James Stickley: Thank you sisters for praying for me. I now humbly ask that your give a prayer for an old school friend of mine who had a stroke, Anthony Robinson. We were not always on the best of terms, but I wish him well. Thank you.
Sr. Bernie Duman: Please remember my sister-in-law, Betty Duman (my brother, George's wife), who passed away this morning, Sat., Feb. 27, in Fort Worth, TX. She has been a wonderful wife, Mother and friend. A appreciate your prayers also for her three children and several grandchildren. Many thanks.
Dennis Vu: For the Lumen Verum Academy project in the Archdiocese of Boston – (a new school opening this fall and will be mostly virtual with some in-person components and socialization and prayer; aiming to be 100% Catholic w/Catholic teachings in all subjects) those working on the project, the future students/staff/faculty, and the success of this project (https://lumenverumacademy.org); for Franciscan University of Steubenville
Dennis: Strength in my struggle with same-sex attraction; for my father who is an OBGYN doctor and prescribes contraception and other birth control methods to his patients and is "pro-choice;" for my parents and siblings to grow in their Catholic faith and become close to Our Lord.
Dennis: For B. – a Mormon missionary I am trying to befriend and share the faith with; for Bri – a young woman who was New Age/spiritual and this past fall had a spiritual encounter with Christ and has been going to Mass and looking into the faith for the past month and is praying the rosary.
Sr. Janet Folkl: Eric Davis is suffering with shingles and his chemo treatments have been stopped until he can recover. Please keep him in prayer.
Sr. Janet Folkl: Please pray for Donna Krupinski who has multiple cancers and receiving treatment. Her husband and children would appreciate our prayers also.
James: Please pray for my girlfriend Janeth, who has bad asthma and tested positive for covid. Please pray that her lungs are okay, that our Lord may heal her in his mercy and protect her and her family in this difficult time.
Jim Norris: Dear Sisters, please pray for God's comfort for those suffering in our world. And please ask Our Father, through Jesus to save our (Jim's and Miranda's) marriage from separation and divorce and renew it WITH HIS BLESSINGS. Thank you so much! WE need his help very much. Love, Jim
Sr. Rita Adams: Please pray for my sister, Marie. She has been in a Nursing Home for 5 years and does not talk or know anyone. Please pray that our Provident God will bring her home to heaven.
Marilyn: Please pray that I can sleep at night, that I can have some happiness in my life, that I can get the COVID Vaccine so that I can go to Church and that my daughter will leave me alone. Thank you.
Sister Elena Almendarez: Please pray for Andrea Alderson, who became an associate this past year, and for her family. Andrea's husband, Kelly, died suddenly yesterday. Their children are all grown and they have grandchildren. This loss is very unexpected. Thank you.
Casey McKee: Please pray for me for a happy and holy death, a good confession and true repentance for my sins.
Sister Leticia Plasencia: For Susan, our secretary at Our Lady of Angels in Brooklyn, NY, where I worked, passed away. May she rest in peace. No details of her passing.
Rose Neatrour: Our deceased Sr. Margaret Boes' 1st cousin Fr. Sean from Johnstown has Covid-19 and is on a ventilator. He is very sick!
Maya Washington: My fiancé's grandfather is on his deathbed. Please pray for his conversion and that my fiancé can see him to say goodbye. Please also pray for my fiancé's apprenticeship and work so that we can get an apartment before our wedding.
Sr. Patricia Ann Moffett: Please pray for my grandniece. The carotid artery in her neck collapsed and the blood went to her brain. Thank you.
Sr. Lois Spinnenweber: Prayers please for an 11 yr. old grandson of Deacon Francis Dadowski from St. Mary's, Glenshaw. The child is in Childrens' Hospital. They are unable to find the cause of his illness.
Lucia: I ask for prayers for my work and in particular for an event in which I will be a speaker in the first days of March.
Sr. Agnes Raible: Judy Meinert's cousin, Lois Klinefelter is ill with pneumonia and pseudo gout. Prayers, please. Thank you.
Jeanne: Please pray for me, J unsaved-husband D father to J and step father to C. We are continuously being attacked by both unsaved sons for our conservative believes. Please pray God use this situation to bring about miracles. Healing of all their Daddy wounds, and bring them to Jesus. Lord save my family! Speak to them each, Touch them with your love and bring breakthrough over all the lies they are aligned with- give them the mind of Christ! AMEN
Chantal: Please pray for me and my church. They have abandoned me and I was assaulted by my coworker there. They blame me and expect me to go back and smile while he gets their sympathy. It is sick and twisted. Please pray God will fix it. If he wants me there or help me leave. My whole world was the church. Those people that have betrayed me. Broken everything. My abuser lies to them all the time. He has them so manipulated. What should I do? What is God's will? That I go back? Thank you.
Associate Sally Shamalla: For Mary Anne who was sent home from hospital but is still experiencing extremely high BP. Prayers for the doctors to find a medication that works for her.
Associate Sally Shamalla: For Crystal who had a bone marrow transplant a month ago. She is having symptoms of rejection and is being treated for dehydration.