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Sisters all around the Marie de la Roche Province will remember your prayer intentions during their morning and evening prayers. CLICK HERE to submit a prayer to the Sisters of Divine Providence.

Public Prayers

Jeanne d’Arc - CDP employee: Please pray for my father, he is critically ill. Thank you for your prayers.
Sr. Anne Winschel: Please remember in your prayer, Bernie Pericky, who had hip replacement surgery in February. The wound is infected and she must have a third surgery on Holy Thursday morning at 7:00 a.m.
Marilyn: My daughter, Pat's father-in-law, Bob is in the hospital with the Coronavirus. Please pray for the family.
Maura: Please pray for my father. He is at the hospital right now, fighting for his life. My mother died years ago leaving behind 2 kids (I'm the big sister of the pair) and a young husband. Our father is everything for us! Please join us in prayer for a miracle. Thanks.
Claire: My mom and I were taken from our home because she couldn't care for herself and thus couldn't care for me and then everything fell apart. I am now in an institution of sorts and I'm very lucky. But every moment of every day I look at my door and I know exactly how to set up a bedsheet and just end the nonstop sorrow. It never goes away, it never relents. The willpower to not go through with it is diminishing. I know I'm selfish, but I'm so tired. I've been fighting so long.
Sr. Doris Kretzler: My friend, Maryann Flot, has been hospitalized due to cellulitis in her arm. She would very much appreciate your prayers. Thank you.
Sr. Louise Angelini: For Hilary Ferraro who is pregnant and due to deliver in May. Hilary is my grand niece. Thank you.
Louise A.: Please pray for an end to Covid 19, for The Lord to have mercy on the souls of my mother and father, Olga and Charles, for healing and peace in our family regarding my mother's will, that our brother Charles will not fight it, but accept our mother's wishes to let me live in the house. Also that I get a job at UTSW and for healing and reconciliation with Mike.
Baptiste Lafferrerie: Personal intentions
Robert: God be with me and guide me amen.
Rebecca Spiers: Personal intentions
Barbara Donatelli: Tom Donatelli's father, Anthony, fell this morning (4/6) and fractured his hip. Presently in Passavant Hospital. Also Barb Donatelli's surgery was cancelled and possibly re-scheduled for 5/11. Prayers will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
James: Please pray for the love of my life N., she has a bad kidney infection and is in the hospital. Her immune system is extremely weak and this is dangerous for her. It's also dangerous to be in a center of the virus. I worry about her night and day and I can't even be with her because of regulations. Please pray for her healing and her protection in this crisis. Please.
Diana: For the past few months, I have been struggling with depression and very dark thoughts surrounding it, struggling to find joy in life. I greatly appreciate any prayers and am hoping through God's guidance I will be able to discern what is causing this immense darkness in my life and get out of it.
Sr. Leticia Plasencia: Hye-Soon Matos (former La Roche student) and from Utuado, PR. died Thursday, March 28 from anorexia (60 lbs) in Virginia. Doris Matos and the family are asking for prayers. Her son, Lucas, was with her.
Sr. Louise Angelini: Fr. Gerald Lutz, brother of our deceased Sr. Ida Mary Lutz, drove himself to the hospital this morning (4/3). They identified bleeding on the brain. He was transferred to Mercy Hospital. Please remember Fr. Lutz in your prayers. Thank you.
Debbie Thompson: My sister-in-law’s brother, Richard Gann, had to have emergency surgery. It was serious but they thought he would be home in 3-5 days. Things took a turn for the worse and Richard is now on a ventilator. Richard is special needs. At age 65 he has the mental capacity of a 10 year old. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law are his caregivers and are wonderful to him. Unfortunately due to the quarantine they have not even been able to visit him even before he went on the ventilator.
SC CC: Prayers for my family.
Phil Chavez: Healing for Hearing loss, Bad Posture, Body Pain, Memory, Blood Pressure and others. Pray for Excellent health, long life, and to be debt free for Lorraine Chavez.
Mary Ann Burke: Please pray for the health and well-being of The Knights of Equity and The Daughters of Erin, Court 9, during this pandemic. Thank you, sisters.
Mary: Please pray for your former student, Daniel Postellon, St. Basil Elementary and High Schools class of 1966. The cancer he has had since 2003 has metastasized to his brain and although he is still quite mobile and fairly dexterous, his speech and thinking are severely impaired.
Baptiste Lafferrerie: Personal intentions
Associate Cathy Wronkovich: Anxiously waiting for "the Virus" test results after being exposed to Coronavirus. Family members visited & were diagnosed 2 days later. Was tested on Sat. Haven't received results yet. Also have active lung cancer & heart valve disease. Tomorrow is 85th BD. I am still thinking about all I need to do. Just found an old childhood prayer book that I had prayed daily w/ prayers for the dying. (Mother died @ age 35, caught meningitis). Am trying to pray for time to die at peace.
Tim Connors: Please pray that my sister, Colleen stops driving around running errands; that she understands the significance of staying home. I pray also, that she finds a new senior home for our mother, 87, who has Alzheimer's Disease. Thank you very much.
Pat Barone: Dear Lord, please watch over the brave tireless people who risk their lives for those who need them. And families who need His blessings from home and especially for all of you who pray for all of us. Amen
Colleen Andrews: Please include 3 of our nieces who are each expecting to deliver babies the first week of October. We only want healthy children and Moms.
lah: Prayer to end this Coronavirus now. Healing to everyone sick. Safety for our medical workers. NYC, LA and every city in our World for Healing!!!
Sr. Leticia Plasencia: For Rosalie Skwie (Sr. Marise's friend who was here during the summer) who had heart surgery and needs prayer for her recovery.
Sister Elena Almendarez: Please pray for Jerry Pottmeyer, Jr, who recently had a stroke and is suffering very much at home; pray for his son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren who are caring for him. Please pray that his suffering comes to an end. Thank you.
Associate Sally Shamalla: For Adam who is experiencing symptoms of the Corona virus and has a wife and two young sons. So that he may be well and also his family. That they may have strength and faith to deal with this.
Sister Elena Almendarez: Please pray for Frank Leone, who is suffering from coronavirus and is in the hospital on a ventilator. Six months ago he had a kidney and liver transplant so is at high risk. He is now in critical condition. He would be very comforted to know you are praying for him. Thank you.
Jane Sawyer: Dear Lord and Savior, Please guide us and save us during this world-wide pandemic. Protect our loved ones and the dear Sisters of Divine Providence, and our priests, from this scourge. We are in your hands, Lord. We love you more each day, and desire to be with you in Paradise at the end of our earthly journey. God bless us all, always.
Cecilia Eichenlaub: Please offer healing prayers for my son, Mark, whose cancer has returned (found a mass in the abdomen). He is now at UPMC Monroeville. Thank you.
Marilyn: Daughter's father-in-law is in hospital with possible virus. Please remember her and her family. Thank you!
Shirley and Jim Dougherty: For young families trying to work from home, help with school work, and take care of their children.
Bryan Kelly: For souls in Purgatory, for conversion of poor sinners throughout the World, and for unity throughout the Catholic Church
Michael Ferraro: From The family of Sr. Louise Angelini we pray for the safety of all of us. Sending love to you all at this difficult time. God bless all of you and may the provident God watch over us.
Bonnie: For all our first responders, my family and loved ones. Especially, Jason and Laurinda as they fight their battles against cancer. And to you dear Sisters.
Stephanie Coleiro: Dear Lord Jesus, I pray for your blessings of peace, protection and love over my family. Lord, restore our broken relationships, cleanse our thoughts and hearts from darkness and negativity. Instill in our hearts compassion and gentleness for each other. Soften our hearts, help us see each other in your light. Surround us by your divine light. We are in need of your divine intervention Jesus, please stand with us. Help us feel your presence. Mary, mother of God, have mercy on us, protect us.
Gloria Romero Roses: For our vulnerable communities (the poor, the elderly, the essential personnel facing the pandemic every day and still going to work), that God’s grace will protect them.
Pat Banner: I'm having surgery on Wednesday, Stent in an artery very close to my heart. I'd appreciate prayers for its success and my survival. Thank you.
Carolyn Gutowski: For the safety and protection of Clinical Pharmacist Danielle Kuhn who works in a large hospital caring for coronavirus patients. Thank you.
Judy Stipanovich: For healing of all the people in the world who have the covid-19 virus.
Sister Margaret Mertens: For all those suffering from the virus and for those who have lost love ones. For all those who are caretakers that God will continue to bless them with the strength and good health.
Jean Novak: Asking for prayers for the intentions of the Knights of Equity and the Daughters of Erin Court # 9 and their families. We are a local Irish organization based on Evergreen Road in Millvale. Thank you for this wonderful ministry. We will pray for your community and your families as well.
Marlene Nardone: All who are affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.
Sister Elena: Karen Rich, who is suffering from coronavirus; she is in her early 60's and is not able to be seen by her family. Thank you!
Yvonne Macauley: For the country to regain health and safety, for those providing the medical needs of everyone.
Jean Forti - La Roche faculty member: For Mr. Donald Fregelette (89 yrs old) who is a family friend who is in a rehab center after breaking his hip after a fall approx 2 weeks ago. He is in much pain physically and emotionally. Prayers for strength, healing and hope are much needed for him and his 5 children and many grandchildren. Thank you.
Pauline Parker: Linda Celigoi.. stage 4 cancer, Charlie Jones - pancreatic cancer, Emily - mental health, Nancy- inoperable cancer, Coronavirus victims
Arthur Wasem: I have lost all my work for this year. I am in the music business. I started a new site last September. YouTube.com/c/knightmusicfortheking If I can get 1000 Subscribers I can monetize. So I am praying for 1000 subscribers. Thank you.
Mary Celine Miller: Please pray for Raymond Boyer. He's 92 years old and has had serious back, hips, and knee problems for years. He's taking oxycodone and it barely touches the pain. Now he fell and broke his knee and is in extreme pain 24/7. Thank you.
Michael Oravitz: Please pray that family members who still must work will be protected.
Sergio Edu: I ask God to once again forgive his sinful son and end this pandemic. So that it serves as a lesson learned for human beings to reconsider and take into account that the cataclysm has no regard, it does not matter if you are a powerful country or a third world country, neither rich or poor, nor black or white, etc. That, regardless of my luck, after this calamity the most powerful nations strive to work for a better world, a more harmonious world with equitable resources for all.
Maria DePasquale: For loving leadership throughout the world through and beyond Covid19.
Mark Davis: The Davis Family would like a prayer for Sister Patricia Milkos good health. Jean Davis and son Mark Davis.
Bob Kambic: Kambic family scattered around the world all related to Sister Melanie.
MaryAnn Pavlic: Please pray for the repose of the soul of Dr. George J. Pavlic who died March 27. Pray for his family through this difficult time.
MA Karney: Good physical and mental health for our family. Good part-time employment for Mary Anne. Please have Matt repay all the money he owes, and make sure he goes to jail until he gets a hearing. Please make sure he and Pati get the mental health medications and therapy they need. Thank you.
Mary Backes: For the health and welfare of my friends and family.
Celene Sance: Please pray for healing of my eyes. I have a broken blood vessel and and need your intercession to heal me. Thank you and God bless.
Charles Kriley: For all the sick and elderly that they may see God's protective hand in their time of need. And for all those working to keep our elderly safe.
Pam: Keep my son and all the staff working at a hospital in Phoenix safe and healthy.
Kathy Miller: Pray that we have the strength to weather this outbreak. Pray that we are kind to one another.
Sister Dorothy Ransil: We continue to ask prayers for our maintenance man, Mike, who has an aggressive cancer. He is so needed here at St. Sylvester and his family. On a happier note, my brother Don, who was so sick and hospitalized for 2 weeks, is now coming home with his IV. We know that it was prayer that made this happen. Thank you so much.
Debra Froehluch: My prayer request is to shower all the front line nurses with as many blessings as possible so that we are able to care for all of our patients and give the families emotional support during this virus outbreak. Nurses around the globe share a special sister hood really only known to nurses. So let us stay strong, healthy and united, it's a huge task for us tight now.
Marshs Dinneen: Please pray for my seven month old kitten who was recently diagnosed with congestive heart failure. The average life span with this is 1.5 years So sad. Thank you.
Sister Camille Panich: For the SCN community living 1 mile from you wonderful CDP's. We pray for you too.
John Devereaux: Please pray for my family and my fellow Florida neighbors. Please send out a special hello to my spiritual friend SISTER CATHY. I lived in Pittsburgh all my life, moved to Florida 3yrs ago. God Bless all the Sisters of Divine Providence.
Pat Derry: For my granddaughter who is having a high risk pregnancy and may not be able to have her husband with her during a c section.
Patricia Nudi: Our daughter is a NP at the University of Colorado Hospital, and is one of the Docs on the front line. Please lift her up in prayer that she, her husband and 2 children remain healthy and Covid free. Her name is Cara Chao.
Billie Estremera: Praying for doors or opportunities to open for me and my family. Praying for all the unfortunate people and animals of this world. May God send his angels to those who are suffering and need healing.
Lucy Crossey: May the Lord Jesus and Mary, his mother, protect my family -- children, spouses, grandchildren, spouses and great grand children during this corona virus pandemic. Please provide them with sound decisions and faith in the Lord. And protect the ill, their caregivers and all who put themselves at risk for the safety of others. Thank you, God. Amen.
Karen: For those who live alone and are facing isolation for at least another month.
Mary Ellen Muth: I am requesting prayers for my friend Madeline (Midge) Malone and her family. Thank you to the Sisters for all that you do. We are thinking about, and praying for you too.
Baptiste Lafferrerie: Personal intentions
Sr. Mary Jane Beatty: Please keep my younger sister, Sue in your prayers. Last night her house suffered damage from flooding. Her son-in-law had to rescue her at 10 pm. She is now staying with them until the amount of damage can be determined. She appreciates know you will pray for her.
Baptiste Lafferrerie: Personal intentions
Sr. Maria Patterson, CDP: My nephew, Les Patterson, is being discharged from the hospital today, with oxygen, quarantine and lung exercises. Fever is gone; Covid-19 virus is under control. Hospital does not want to risk reinfection by keeping there, so he'll be quarantined to his room. His son, Cameron, has self-quarantined for 10 days, and he seems to be doing okay. Thank you for all the prayers...please continue. I'll update you as I get updates. Thanks again.
Kelly Ramos: Please pray for my father-in-law Deacon Genaro Ramos and his wife Maria Ramos, they're both sick with coronavirus. Genaro is very sick on a ventilator, please pray for God’s healing and for his fevers to stop.