Public prayer requests

Sister Roseann DeNardis: Please pray for John Cammerota, a cousin, age 92, who is in intensive care in a diabetic coma. Thank you.
James Cammarano: Please pray that I get a good job this week. May God bless you!
Maura: Personal intentions
Karla Watson: Please pray that Stephen Nelson will be free from his addiction to Meth and all drugs and alcohol and that he will be able to resist his urges so he can be the man God wants him to be. Please pray that he will be free from the demons of addiction.
A friend: Dear Sisters: Please - prayers are requested for Mike Yezovich, 31 years old with 2 children. Surgery was performed for cancer found on the cheek that is showing cancer cells in the lymph nodes. A full body scan will be completed on Tuesday, Oct. 17. Thank you!
Vicky Kasy: Personal intentions
Susan Rosemann: Please pray for Joseph Vitale, nephew of the late Sister Catherine Odelehr, CDP. Several days ago he suffered a stroke while hospitalized for blood clots, just prior to a biopsy of the liver. Multiple testing has revealed stage 4 cancer and he is now in palliative care. Prayers are appreciated that whatever God has in store for him, that it is peaceful. He is not in pain, and that is a blessing in itself. Thank you.
Christina Ward: Please pray for my husband, that God would renew his strength and bring him out of depression and to enable him to to get through all his stresses bless his work and to continue to prosper his path. Pray for me and direction and providence for some of my creative endeavors. Thank you.
Sister Sharon Nolte: For my brother, Al, who is slowing healing from a stroke of October 3rd.
Sister Sharon Nolte: Prayers are requested for Thaddeus Nwanej who is suffering from cancerous tumors on his neck and jaw. Please pray that these tumors diminish. Thank you.
Sister Sharon Nolte: Prayers are requested for a beautiful 40 year-old mother of seven who was abruptly killed in a car accident and for her husband Joe and children particularly 10 year-old Elizabeth who has multiple injuries and is in a wheel chair now. They miss their mother so very much.
Uma: Please pray that my daughter will be reunited with a decent Catholic boy and that she will not enter into a relationship with another boy of questionable nature. Keep her away from sexual desires, thoughts and activities. Thank you.
Anonymous: Please pray for good test results - no medical problem.
Sister Marise Hrabosky: For my cousin, Georgia Gerkey - her cancer has returned after 21 years - will have surgery Tuesday asking God for healing and recovery.
Jaroslaw : Please for our priest. REV STANLEY KRZYSTON. The bishop wants to shut down our parish. This man has been extremely vital in my faith for the past 8 years. He speaks the truth with sincere conviction and love and can’t be bought. We need more priests like him. God please hear our prayer.
Virendra Navgire: Dear Sisters, I am humbly requesting you to please pray urgently for my mother Kalawati Vishwas Navgire, who is suffering from ovarian cancer.
Mathew Sullivan: Please pray for Rayline. She injured her back 3 years ago trying to lift her father off the floor. After this her legs were paralyzed. Recently her left leg has started to work again. Please pray that her right leg will now return to normal functioning so she can be blessed with giving birth to a child.