Public prayer requests

Sister Mary McCulla: Please pray for Augustine Im, brother of Sr. Cecilia Im of our Korean province, and for his family. He is very sick with pancreatic cancer. Mr. Im lives in New Jersey.
Sister M. Joan Coultas: The staff and book discussion group at Kearns Spirituality Center request prayer for Phil Gallagher, a close friend of ours, who will undergo shoulder replacement surgery on Wednesday, March 29th. Please help pray him back to good health. THANKS!
Greg: Please pray for Kathy.
John Scavens: Personal intentions
Sister Mary Grace Carlisano: For Roxanna Solano Misionera Consagrada's sister, who died unexpectedly in her home. Please pray for her soul's eternal rest. Thank you.
Mikael Moron: Personal intentions
Phil R.: A neighbor has been harassing my wife and I who are both elderly. The police have not stopped him. Please pray that he be removed immediately and permanently from our lives.
Father Dave Siroki: Please remember in your prayers my father, Emil, who will be undergoing heart surgery on Wednesday, March 22nd. Also keep my mom, Mary Lou in your prayer as she is currently in the hospital with sepsis and will be transferring to a nursing home for recuperation. Prayerfully & gratefully submitted by their son.
Sister Elena Almendarez: Please pray for Bonnie, who recently suffered a brain aneurysm and is having complications. She is a senior citizen with a new grandchild and would like to get to know him. Thank you!
NN: Personal intentions
Praying Mother : Personal intentions
Sister Jeanine Ruhe: Please remember in your prayers deceased Sister Thea Heisel's great nephews, Gary and Bill, who have very serious health problems. Include their families, too. Thanks.
Sister Donna Marie Dorfner: Mrs. Farina, Alpha teacher, will have surgery on Monday, 3/20; cancer did not respond to chemo. Please keep her and family in prayer.
Sister Maura Anne Dunn: Healing of persistent vertigo for June.
Anonymous: Please pray for Jane who is going through a difficult time.
Associate Maryann D.: Pray for my teenage son who is experiencing intense societal anxiety and depression. That he finds purpose in his life to continue moving forward.
Carolyn: Need prayer for an outcome to be positive for Frank and Carol.
Chellappa Asirvatham: Dear All, Kindly pray for my elder brothers, S.Amuldhas & C. Daniel, to free them of depression, tension & alcohol habits. Pray for them so that they can prosper in their work and achieve all success. Also pray for them to have a good & healthy family life.May God Pour all Blessings to them.