Public prayer requests

Elaine Martin: For a young Catholic lady named Kelli who lives in Falmouth, MA, that she gets counseling.
Sister Sharon Nolte: For Jim, a driver for Room at the Inn clients. He is alive after a serious car crash, but is to lose a leg and when he coded last week during CPR, ribs were broken and with his COPD, it is feared that he will get pneumonia. He is sedated and is responding to his wife and brothers. It is believe that his brain was protected by airbags, yet, there are other serious injuries. Please pray for him and the family.
Sister Sharon Nolte: For Johnathon who will make his First Communion April 29.
Toni Daniels: Personal intentions
Ivania Pineda: My sister Carmen Pineda Alli has been diagnosed with leukemia and she will be meeting her oncologists tomorrow. Please pray for strength, trust, hope, and courage for my sister.
Sister Marilyn McMillin: My brother, George (Mick), will have his left hip replaced on Monday, April 24. He had his right hip replaced 10 years ago and it is doing just fine. He is very active and please pray that he stays that way. He means the world and all to me.
Sisters Anne & Carolyn Winschel: Please remember our brother in prayer - Chuck (Butch) who will be undergoing another procedure to seal the aneurysm in his groin on Tuesday, April 25. He had a similar procedure several months ago but the other end is now leaking. Thank you!
Patricia Brown: Personal intentions
Shelly H.: Please pray for a situation with an employee at my work, God's will be done. Thank you, I appreciate your prayers.
Donna Baugher: Please pray for my nephew, Scott, who is experiencing serious medical issues.
Tammy: Please pray for Derek Wolf. He is 49, a husband and father of three. He was just diagnosed with stage 3 pancreatic cancer. They are operating and starting chemo. Please pray he survives.
Rose Mary Green: Prayers please, for my brother, Larry. On April 24th he will have his pacemaker replaced with a defibrillator added to it. Many thanks.
Cristin: Personal intentions.
Sisters Mary Providence and Mary Kriley: Please pray for our sister, Teresa, who has a pancreatic tumor. After a series of chemo and radiation, the tumor has enlarged. At present, she is in much pain. Also for our sister-in-law (87) who has a fractured hip. Thank you kindly.