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Sisters all around the Marie de la Roche Province will remember your prayer intentions during their morning and evening prayers. CLICK HERE to submit a prayer to the Sisters of Divine Providence.

Public Prayers

Associate Ann Moberg: Please pray for healing for Jeanne Cochran. She fell and was badly injured.
Sharon Posnikoff: Divine healing of my inoperative full pregnancy size abdominal incisional hernia.
Julian Fernandez: Personal intentions
Mary Dieter: Please remember in your prayers my good friend Dana who is scheduled for a colostomy on Friday.
Joyce K.: Personal intentions
Nina: I'm in a situation. I am recently jobless, my husband is on suspension from his job and I don't know how we are going to make our bills and rent. I'm out of options and feeling very desperate and afraid. I need my peace restored and a good job that I can do with ease and competency. The uncertainty of my situation is causing mental anguish, sleepless nights and stress. Please pray for me. Thank you.
Dawn: Personal intentions
Jim S.: Asking prayers for my friend Missy W. Thanks.
Shelly: Please pray for Dolly to see her great grandchildren soon, that someone will take her to them or they come visit her. Also, special intention for her. Thank you!
Sister Marise Hrabosky: For Jenny and Zach who were in a severe car accident - for healing and financial help for them. Thanks.
Sister Marise Hrabosky: My friend Pauline Parker requests prayers for her brother Dave and family. Dave now has Alzheimer's. May God give them strength to cope. Thanks.
Sister Jeanine Ruhe: My former student, Marlene, had knee surgery a week ago. She has much pain. Pray that the doctors will find the problem. Thanks!
Sister Donna Marie Gribschaw: Back surgery for my brother Dennis was postponed until today. Thank you for remembering him in your prayers during this time.
Leah: Please, God, don't take my little Valentina away from me. I don't want to live without her.
Susan Rohm - CDP Employee: Please pray for my nephew Patrick's wife Aimee who will begin chemo and radiation treatments for breast cancer next week. She is the mother of two young children ages 8 and 5.
Carol: My workplace situation is so horrible, it’s toxic and draining, and every day is more verbal abuse and nonsense. I am not able to retire yet, I have to work five to seven more years, so I really need my job. But the workplace situation is unbearable and I’m mentally drained. I don’t know what to do I am praying for a miracle and a new opportunity because I need to work. Please pray for me.
Angela: Please pray for my nephew who died of a brain tumor. He was a young man with such a kind soul and heart. May God take him to heaven, for he suffered in this world.
Associate Erin Middleton: I thank God for the wonderful participation of the Sisters and Associates of Divine Providence at our recent OPAL Conference at Kearns on September 7-8th, 2019. It was a wonderful experience of "new beginnings and new ways of ministering." God bless all of our sisters and associates for your participation!
Nikhil J.: I pray for the strength to humble my heart and submit myself wholly to the Will of the Heavenly Father with humility and patience. I pray that I be granted someone to share my life and love with. I pray that this petition be granted as a blessing and in accordance with the Will of the Father. I pray that He may not look at my numerous failings, inadequacies and deep unworthiness but rather may grant my petition through His Divine Mercy.
Sister Lisa Paffrath: Please keep my sister, Cathy, in prayer as she begins her treatment for breast cancer on Sept.16 and my brother, Bill, as he begins dialysis because of complications of diabetes.
Sister Marise Hrabosky: For my friend Dan Finnegan who is dealing with a health issue and for his mom, 96 years old, whom he takes care of. Guidance for doctors to discern the cause of his illness. Thank you.
Anonymous: Please remember in prayer Tyre whose freshman college experience has become difficult.
Kate Hoover: Prayers, please for the Catholic Women's Conference to be held in Pittsburgh November 11th.
Heidi: Dear Sisters, We are in desperate need of your prayers. Our dear little daughter BeeBee has been taken from us. We have been together since she was two weeks old and she will be two years old on September 28. Our adoption was supposed to be already finalized, but because of errors made by the agency, a biological relative has taken her. We are the only family this baby girl knows and we all love each other so much... she is our joy. Please pray that she is safe and comes home to us soon.
Sister Dorothy Ransil: My grand niece, Emily Ransil, died this past Tuesday of cancer. It is a devastating loss for the family as Em was so up-beat with her blog, getting the latest meds at Hershey Medical Center. She was several credits shy of a nursing degree. We appreciate your prayers.
Sister Bernie Duman : Please keep Gerri Hopson who had back surgery several days ago and is in ICU with an infection. She is 87 years old. Thank you.
Sister Carolyn Winschel: I found out over the past weekend from one of the Clarence Bittner family, Ginny, that Clarence Jr. (better known as Brub) passed away last week after a long struggle with cancer. His daughter who was also a cancer victim died several months ago. Please remember the family, Brub's wife who lost a husband and her daughter and the rest of the family who are dealing with these two losses. It is a personal loss for me, as Brub was a classmate at St. Mary's Glenshaw. Thank you.
Sister Linda Lalic: Please pray for my brother-in-law, Tom Stafford, who is in the hospital in Farrell, PA. He was found lying in his driveway last Friday. He has broken ribs and fractures in his sinuses. He is undergoing tests and so far they think he suffered a stroke and then passed out. They suspect several other health problems. He is only 70.
Sister Charlene Schaaf: Kathleen (Kathi) Schaaf, 66, sister of Sr. Charlene Schaaf, died unexpectedly this past week in Florida. Please pray for peace for Kathi and strength & peace for her family, especially for her mother, Eva.
Larry Wilson: Personal intentions
Chelle Ringblom: Thank you for standing in faith with us today. My dad Randy found out it is indeed cancer of the liver bile duct will have more testing done Monday. Praying for complete healing and wholeness with no signs of tumors, scarring or only other organs afficted by this disease. God is Good.
N: Please pray for my mother Sylvia Smith. After a complicated surgery a couple of years ago, her kidney function has decreased and we don't understand why and feel as if nobody is helping or cares. She is normally very healthy and she is the best soul on earth. She brings so much joy and healing to so many people. Please pray for her kidney function and globular filtration rate and BUN levels go back to normal, for total healing of her entire body and for a long healthy, happy life. Thank you.
Shelly: Please pray for healing of my teeth! Thank you!
Sister Donna Marie Gribschaw: Please pray for my brother, Dennis, who will be having a spinal fusion on Tuesday, September 10 at Shadyside Hospital.
Dawn: Prayers for the termination of my husband’s affair quickly, he wants me out, to move the girlfriend in. This is a horrible situation and she is causing more friction with her lies and manipulation of my husband.
Associate Ann Moberg: Please pray for healing of the knees of Associate Geneva Dicks. She is in Life Care Nursing and Rehab Plymouth, MA 02330.
Sister Sharon Nolte: Please pray for my mother, Evelyn Nolte, who has a UTI and which caused her to have a stroke loosing her speech. She is gaining her strength and swallowing much better. Thank you.
Benezeth Michael Maganja: Personal intentions 
Virendra Navgire: My mother Kalawati Vishwas Navgire is suffering from cancer and ischemic stroke. Last year on November 4th, my mother had major surgery for ovarian cancer. Due to her stroke, my mother has lost her speech and memory and cannot have post surgery chemotherapy for cancer treatment. Unfortunately, cancer cells are now starting to grow in her operated areas. My mother’s condition is very critical.
Tracy Kormendy: Please pray for my mother Janice Kormendy. She has lung and brain cancer..we pray for healing and peace.
Omar: I ask for your prayers for assistance in helping me obtain both gainful employment and/or financial blessing to support my family and pay all our debts. I have submitted hundreds of job applications and have not been successful in obtaining gainful employment to support my family needs. I ask of this in the name of Our Lady of Divine Providence. In Jesus' name. Amen.
Sister Marilyn McMillin: Please keep my brother, George, in your prayers on Friday, September 13. He will have Rotator Cuff surgery. Especially please pray that he will be patient and take the time needed to heal. Thank you so much.