Public prayer requests

John & Charlene Belena: My wife Char needs work and we need a financial blessing apart from the work.
Associate Ann Moberg: Please pray for Chris Curran and his wife RuthAnne. Chris had procedure done to re-start his heart. He is back in the hospital in Plymouth MA. They are planning to send him to Boston to repair or replace his mitral valve. Thank you for your consideration. They may need a miracle. They are both Associates from Kingston, MA.
A. B.: Please pray for a good woman, she lost her home and now she and her pets (cat with kittens) will be on the street. Urgently needs a new home for her and her pets. Please pray for her. Thanks.
Jamie G.: Personal intentions. Thank you.
Clare Johns: For our son, Chris, and his wife, who are expecting a baby. Pray for medical attention and counseling for Chris, who seems to be suffering from anxiety disorder. And for healing in this marriage, which is at great risk.
Sister Margaretta Nussbaumer: Please keep in your prayers my cousin, Carol Ann Erny Kosher. Carol was taught by our sisters at St. Anne's in Castle Shannon. She was just diagnosed with stage 4 cancer of the appendix that had spread to the ovaries and omentum. It is a rare from of cancer. Your prayers are so appreciated.
Sister Carolyn Winschel: Prayers are requested for Anne's and my brother, Butch (Chuck). He has been hospitalized with very high blood pressure. Thank you.
Associate Linda Hoefflin: For Luis Carlos, our mission trip security person. Please pray for him and his family as they navigate thru financial and marital issues.
Associate Linda Hoefflin: In thanksgiving for our Provident God's healing hands being placed upon Sylvia. Please continue to pray for Sylvia's healing in the coming weeks.
Rino Joseph: Personal intentions
Associate Linda Hoefflin: Please prayer for Luis Carlos who is having some marital and financial difficulties. This gentleman protected our group in Cartagena and he is a very nice man. Please pray for him and his family.
Sister Sharon Nolte: Please pray for Anna Sch..'s grandson who was tested for Pompe disease today. Please pray that he does not have it. Thank you.