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Sisters all around the Marie de la Roche Province will remember your prayer intentions during their morning and evening prayers. CLICK HERE to submit a prayer to the Sisters of Divine Providence.

Public Prayers

Sister Donna Marie Dorfner: Please pray for successful colon cancer surgery for a relative and for appropriate chemo for his 24 year old granddaughter who had a brain tumor removed.
Sister Marise Hrabosky: For Joseph Kosto who died May 23rd - for his family and siblings who are grieving their loss, especially his sister Jo Ann, who is my friend. Thank you!
Amit Kumar: Please pray for successful results of my exams in physics, chemistry, and biology.
Sijo A.: Personal intentions
Anna Marie Neutrelle: Please pray for Lois Aloe. She has had a recurrence of cancer and will have surgery in one week. Thank you and God bless.
Michele Luniewski - SAGE: Please keep Tom Totin (SAGE) and his wife MJ in your prayers. MJ had a heart attack Tuesday, 5/22/18.
Leu Lin: Prayers requested for a financial blessing.
Christina Ward: Prayer for my niece (Maria), who got held back, to be able to catch up and that God would cover her school/career path.
Sarah: Reverend Tom Johnson, headmaster of the Neighborhood Academy, has recently been diagnosed with stage one cancer. His chances of recovery are very high, but please pray for him.
Joyce K.: Please pray for the healing of Dots, Storm, Bruce, Barbar and Lassie. Please pray that we have air conditioning and fans working again throughout summer, for Victor to finish his legal submission on time and other personal intentions.
Associate Linda Hoefflin: Prayers are requested for Associate Helen Withers and family upon the death of her niece Karen Evans.
Sister Mary Grace Carlisano: Prayers, please for Joe Caterino (family friend) cancerous mass on the brain. Requires chemo and radiatiion. Thank you.
Soman Mathews: Respected Brothers & Sisters, I request your kind, urgent Prayers for my immediate Promotion at work, so that I can help many and can donate more. Though almost all my colleagues and even my juniors have gotten promoted, I have not, though I worked very hard.