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Sisters all around the Marie de la Roche Province will remember your prayer intentions during their morning and evening prayers. CLICK HERE to submit a prayer to the Sisters of Divine Providence.

Public Prayers

Associate Sally Shamalla: For Linda who is hospitalized with multiple undiagnosed issues and is a diabetic.
Lydia: Please pray for my daughter, Maria, my son, John, my grandson, Dominic, and my grand daughter, Darius. I am asking for good health for all. Thank you.
Associate Sylvia Resha: I ask your continued prayers for Art Seely who is on the ventilator due to covid and the virus is attacking every body system. He is critical and not conscious. Please keep him in prayer as well as his wife, Doris!
Anna Neutrelle: Please pray for Bob who has been diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer. Thank you. Blessings.
Derek Solomon: Please pray for me. I'm suffering persecution. St Michael Archangel protect us.
Associate Sylvia Resha: Please pray for a dear friend, Art Seely, who has been hospitalized with Covid for over a week. His lungs are not improving and a ventilator is the next step.
Sr. Linda Lalic: My sister, Margaret Stafford, is hospitalized for COVID-19. She is in UPMC, Farrell Hospital.
Elizabeth S.: I pray my husband will end his affair and return to our family. I pray to keep my current job.
Kevin Johnson: My Degree exam starts on 23/11/2020, since it was online classes I had many difficulties in learning and I was unable to study and understand most of the topics due to many issues. I now am fearing that I will fail in all of my exams and get very low mark and not get subject of my choice and drop out of college and I’m very afraid and my Lord Jesus is my last resort. Please pray for me so that I will pass in all of my exams with very good marks. I am a catholic from Kerela, India.
Sister Mary Jane Beatty: Please keep my sister Joanne in your prayers. She continues to have trouble recovering from COVID 19. She is at home dealing with a fever, congestion and pain. This is the second week.
Stephen: For Brody, as a child, who’s having brain surgery on the 23rd.
Allison: Please pray for my father, John Seminara. He was hospitalized due to a UTI coupled with Dementia. He had to go to a short term rehab to regain his strength and has contracted COVID-19. Please pray for stregnth health and wellness for my family.
Aretta Williams: Personal intentions
Sr. Linda Lalic: Please continue to pray for my nephew Bob Blair. He now has two tubes to drain his lungs. He has a lot of pain and really needs our prayers. He is still in ICU at Hamot Medical Center in Erie.
Leila David: Healing prayer for my son Kevin terrible pain in his eyes, mental issue, attack at nights cannot sleep.
Michael: Please pray for the healing of cancer and successful surgery on November 30th for Michael J. Guadagnoli.
Sr. Hilary Hooks: Please pray for my brother, Don, who will have knee replacement surgery on Wednesday, Nov. 19. He is nervous because of his other health problems.
Sr. Linda Lalic: My nephew, Bob Blair, is in Hamot ICU Medical Center in Erie with fluid in his lungs and an infection. He is 50 with 5 of his 7 children still at home.
Clare Johns: Our son Chris needs healing in his mind and the ability to find a good job to support his family, or he may lose his wife and children. He is overwhelmed by anxiety and seems unable to cope with life.
Sr. Linda Lalic: My nephew, Bob Blair, is in Hamot Medical Center ICU, Erie, for congestive heart failure. He is 50 years old and has seven children, five still at home.
Sister Pat Rodemann: Please pray for my Nephew Jacob who has covid.
Derek Solomon: Please Pray for me. I'm suffering persecution. St Michael Archangel protect us.
Lauren Lanzino: Bud and Carol Myers, as they are struggling with their health due to a COVID-19 diagnosis.
Adam Coates and Coline Charpy: Please pray for us, that the Lord gives us jobs soon in Glasgow where they can have real meaning, serve Him, and flourish. Thank you!
J. R.: Please pray that my family and I be saved from the enemy and that we prosper in body, mind and soul. That Jose, Ir and Paul with their women be delivered from their adulterous relationships. That I be provided with a good friend to share my life with God.
Rory: Please pray for Katelyn, as her annulment case goes before the Tribunal next week. Please pray that she is granted the decree of nullity promptly! Thank you!
Lucia Isone: I ask for prayers for my sister Anna Isone who has a severe form of cancer and will have to start chemo. For my parents Speranza Pannone and Pasquale Isone who are desperate.
Jan: Please ask God's help in keeping Michael's boat business afloat. Needs intervention! Thank you!
Carla: Please rush your healing prayers to Heaven for Robert Carlino whose cancer has returned in his kidney. Thank you.
Betty: Please offer prayers for Pat Schneider for all her requests for healing. Thank you!
Erica Chapman: Personal intentions
Sid Nelson: Healing from hip pain right side due to a fall. Thank you and God bless you.