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Provincial Leadership Team

  • Provincial Leadership Team

Founded in Finthen, Germany, in 1851, the Marie de la Roche Province is one of three provinces (Marie de la Roche Province, United States/Caribbean; Emmanuel von Ketteler Province, Germany and St. Joseph Province, Korea) and one mission (Peru) of the international congregation of the Sisters of Divine Providence.

The Marie de la Roche Province is headquartered in Pittsburgh and led by a Provincial Leadership Team of five Sisters elected every five years by the province:

Sister Michele Bisbey, Provincial Director
Sister Mary Traupman, Provincial Councillor
Sister Donna Marie Gribschaw, Provincial Councillor
Sister Ana Lydia Sonera Matos, Provincial Councillor
Sister Alice Marie Lyon, Provincial Councillor

Pictured bottom row, left to right: Sisters Michele Bisbey and Mary Traupman; Pictured top row, left to right: Sisters Donna Marie Gribschaw, Ana Lydia Sonera Matos and Alice Marie Lyon