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Become a Sister

As Women of Providence we participate as co-creators with God in showing the face of Providence to our world and by building a future based on Christian hope.

Sisters of Divine Providence are women of varied and diverse backgrounds and talents. We are united in our deep trust in a Provident God who loves and cares for all creation.

Our mission statement reflects our stance toward life in the lines, “… we nurture in ourselves and in others a trust and confidence in God’s faithful presence.”

Trusting in God’s presence calls for ongoing fidelity, maturity, and a sense of adventure into the unknown. In a religious community with members around the world, we know that we do not stand alone in risking our love for God and others. In the U.S., Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Germany, Korea, and Peru, Sisters of Divine Providence daily meet the challenges of our Church and world.

Sustained by our community living, our prayer and faith sharing, and our love of serving God’s people, we journey together as signs of God’s love and care.

We invite women from 18 to 50 to join us in the adventure of making God’s Providence more visible in our world as a Sister of Divine Providence. The invitation is clear—God asks for your whole life. Does the God who loves you call you to more?

To learn more about our community and becoming a Sister, please click here and fill out our Inquiry Form, contact the Vocations Office at vocations@cdpsisters.org or download our brochure.