Agnes Vogel, CDP

Sister Agnes Vogel, formerly Sister Charles Ann, entered religious life from St. Martin parish in Pittsburgh’s West End. She credits the Sisters who taught her at St. Martin's as who most influenced her decision to become a Sister of Divine Providence.

Sister Agnes earned a bachelor's degree from Duquesne University and a master's degree from the University of Detroit. She was a teacher and principal for 37 years in Catholic schools, including St. Isaac Jogues in St. Clair Shores, MI (1970–77) and St. Basil in Carrick, PA (teacher, 1967–70; principal, 77–82). She was co-director for the Sisters at Providence Heights (1997–2002), building manager for Wood Street Commons Association in Pittsburgh (2003–08), and provincial house driver (2009–present). Since 2010, she has served as part-time archivist at La Roche University in Allison Park, PA.

When reflecting on her life as a religious, she said, “My understanding of religious life has evolved over the years. When I entered the Community, I was filled with awe and wonderment. As to the sacrifice I was making, I truly had no understanding of the meaning of Divine Providence; it was the name of the religious order I entered. Now I realize that the sacrifices of religious life are minimal in comparison to the hundredfold (blessings) I have received. The phrase Divine Providence has become, and is still, my major source of strength, comfort, and peacefulness. ... My time at Wood Street Commons was the most rewarding and humbling experience of my life. I interacted with individuals, both men and women, who hit rock bottom due to drugs, alcohol, prostitution and/or a life of crime. Eighty-five percent of them served time in jail or rehab centers. I watched them struggle to get back to some normal standing in their life. I rejoiced with those who succeeded and prayed for those who failed."

"The support of Community members, especially during times of sickness and loss of a loved one is also what I find most satisfying and rewarding," she said. 

Self-described as helpful, faithful and truthful, Sister Agnes enjoys watching and discussing football as well as current events.

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