Barbara Mulnik, CDP

Sister Barbara Mulnik entered religious life from St. Mark’s parish in Venice, IL. She credits her first grade teacher, Sr. Clotilde, for influencing her decision to enter religious life. She said, "She was the first Sister of Divine Providence whom I encountered and I remember her consoling me after I was splashed at the water fountain. ... The people at my parish recited a vocation prayer every Sunday after mass when I was in elementary school. The thought of becoming a Sister would never leave my mind. I entered religious life to find out what God wanted me to do, so I wouldn’t wonder about my vocation decision for the rest of my life." 

Sister Barbara earned a bachelor of science in education from Southern Illinois University. Her ministry as a teacher included Blair Elementary School in Madison, IL (1970–73), Mount Providence School in Normandy, MO (1973–74), St. John’s Elementary School in Imperial, MO (1975–78), St. Mary’s Elementary School in Brussels, IL (1979–80), and Ascension Elementary School in Normandy (1980–88). She was the pastoral minister at Ascension parish in Normandy (1988–94) before her position as activity aide at Metropolitan St. Louis Psychiatric Center in St. Louis (1995-present).

As for what aspect of religious life Sister Barbara has found most satisfying, rewarding or surprising, she said, "I met the Lord in my students as a teacher, in the elderly as a pastoral minister, and in the patients at the psychiatric center where I never imagined I would be working. I am unable to thank God enough for this call to join with the Sisters in a relationship with the Lord, who is always there in our joys, sorrows, and concerns of our heart, if we just allow ourselves to be present to Him. It is a lovely journey to be quiet, to listen, and to wait for what God wants to show us." 

Self-described as spontaneous, caring and thankful, Sister Barbara enjoys dancing the polka, shopping for bargains and following global issues.

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