Elizabeth Arbelo Rodriguez, CDP

Sister Elizabeth Arbelo Rodríguez entered religious life from San José parish in Camuy, Puerto Rico. She entered religious life to give back what she has received from God. “Knowing that God loves me infinitely made me want to give back a little of what I have received. And I believe that God deserves to be loved above all else.” She says of her daily living, “By showing others compassion and tenderness, I hope they will discover how much God loves them.”

She was a social worker at a mental health clinic for children and adolescents in San Juan, Puerto Rico (1997–99). Since 1999, she has been in social work at a pediatric hospital, Hospital Pediatrico, Dr. Antonio Ortiz Centro Medico, in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. When she’s with children and families during times of illness and in the process of healing and death, she finds that she rediscovers the wonderful mystery of life in all its dimensions.

Describing herself as “joyful, compassionate, and creative,” Sister Elizabeth enjoys listening to music, reading, and playing the guitar.

Sister Elizabeth says, “My weakness for God’s power and mercy moves me. It’s amazing that God, who is perfect and whole, wants to share with me his perfect plan.”