Inesita Velez Negron, CDP

Sister Inesita Vélez Négron entered religious life from San Miguel Arcángel parish in Utuado, Puerto Rico. The Sisters of Divine Providence are who most influence her decision to enter religious life. She said, "It was the joyful and committed testimony of life of the Sisters of Divine Providence who taught me at Colegio San Miguel, in Utuado, my hometown. The excellence of their work, their love, the sacrifices made while ministering in a poor country and the efforts to understand another culture and language caught my attention and deep admiration. The Sisters were God’s instruments in luring me to enter religious life in the Congregation of the Sisters of Divine Providence."

She was regional director for the Community in Puerto Rico (1985–95); served in congregational leadership in the Generalate in Rome, Italy, and in Providence, Rhode Island (1995–2007); volunteered with a foundation in San Juan, Puerto Rico, doing research and prevention of suicidal behavior (2011-2016); translated the book "The Lure of Providence," as well as other community services (2016-2017); and currently collaborates with formation in Peru.

Sister Inesita said, "Looking in retrospect to my journey all the way through these 65 years of my religious life, there are many things that I have found most rewarding and satisfying. One, among many, is the blessing of having had the opportunity to expand my knowledge and appreciation of other cultures and customs. Being a member of an international Congregation, I have had opportunities to visit, work and engage in different activities with my Sisters from other countries. It has been enriching and rewarding to experience the oneness of mind and hear in our Charism, the efforts to live the legacy of our Founders Bishop Ketteler and Mother Marie and the committed endeavors to meet the needs of our times in the diverse cultures and countries where our Sisters live and work. I feel a profound gratitude to God and my family, my Community and to all who have helped me along the way to become the consecrated woman I am."

Self-described as a just person, open-minded and happy for the gift of life, Sister Inesita loves reading, listening to classical music and walking by the ocean.

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