Carol Kampert, CDP

Sister Carol Kampert, formerly Sister Aniceta, entered religious life from St. Joseph’s parish in Pittsburgh's Duquesne neighborhood. She credits her family life and education as what most influenced her decision to enter religious life. She says, "As I look back upon my life, I realize that being raised in a good Catholic home and educated in a strong Catholic school—plus the family spirit of the Sisters (who I idolized) that taught me throughout my grade school years—were instrumental in fostering and nurturing my vocation."

Sister Carol taught elementary school in the early part of her ministry (1961-1992), including St. Isaac Jogues in St. Clair Shores, MI (1980-1986), before becoming the manager at St. Ambrose Manor in Pittsburgh (1992–2002). Since 2002, she has been the health insurance coordinator for the Sisters of Divine Providence—a position she holds dear. She says, “I care about the health of each of our Sisters, and I want to help keep them healthy so that they can remain active in their ministries. ... Throughout my life I have always prayed to the Holy Spirit to guide and direct me in all my undertakings so that I can give my very best to those I serve. My charism is lived out daily by my reliance upon the Holy Spirit to assist me in all that I do. My charism is very evident in my untiring effort to serve those to whom I minister.”

One of Sister Carol’s favorite mottos is “Let your light shine.” She remembers teaching a little second grader, not of the Catholic faith, who longed to receive Jesus in the Eucharist. “To me, she was a shining example of faith and an inspiration to all the children in the class. The light of God shone through her into my heart.” Self-described as loyal, gentle, kind and loving, Sister Carol enjoys swimming, dancing, ice skating, roller skating and reading.

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