Margaret Walsh, CDP

Sister Margaret, formerly Sister Marie Consolata, entered the Community from Most Blessed Sacrament parish in Natrona Heights, PA. She was raised in a home that reverenced the Catholic faith, and the example of her family, especially her mother, inspired her vocation. She attended Catholic schools and was impressed by the kindness and service of the Sisters of St. Joseph. She remembers always wanting to be a teacher and helping others to learn about God, themselves and the world. 

Sister Margie taught in a number of schools in the Pittsburgh diocese over a 48-year period including St. Cecilia (Glassport), Sts. Peter & Paul (Beaver), St. Basil (Carrick), St. Mary’s (Sharpsburg), St. Bonaventure (Glenshaw), Mount Alvernia High School (Millvale), All Saints (Etna), St. Mary’s (Beaver Falls) and St. Isaac Jogues School (St. Clair Shore, Michigan). Her longest teaching ministry was at Providence Heights Alpha School (27 years) where she held a variety of positions; teacher, bookkeeper, technology coordinator and administrative support. Since 2014, Sister Margie has ministered as a Technology Specialist, helping Sisters and Associates resolve issues with their computers, phones, laptops, tablets and TVs. She said, "I really enjoy my current ministry because it gives me a chance to use my God given gifts, to give service to my Community and to get to know the members in a more personal way. While I am giving help to them, they are giving far more back to me by letting me share in their life. I hope to continue to do this service as long as I can or until God has a different plan for me to start." 

Sister Margie is grateful for the opportunities she has had to minister in a variety of ways over the past 60 years. She was always challenged to bring God into the lives of the students, staff, families and Community members that she worked with to give them hope for the future and to instill the knowledge that God is always with them and loves them deeply. She is thrilled when she sees someone she has helped grow to be a better and happier person, not just more knowledgeable.

She tries to live every day with a sense of acceptance and gratitude, accepting God’s gifts graciously and taking no blessings for granted. She participated in a renewal program that led to a "spiritual awakening." She got to know herself, God and others on a deeper spiritual level, gaining an awareness beyond doubt that God is doing for her what she couldn’t do for herself, and she is ready and willing to let God work in all areas of her life. She said, "The Serenity Prayer is very meaningful to me. ...It gives me comfort and reassurance. It provides me with a very clear 'spiritual' solution to problems."

Self-described as quiet, a good listener, generous, loyal, dependable, patient and persevering, Sister Margie likes to "fix things" and enjoys working with computers and any technology. She also likes watching movies, dancing (watching & participating), listening to music and watching sports (especially Steelers football and Penguins hockey).

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