Mary Ellen Rufft, CDP +

Sister Mary Ellen Rufft’s home parish is St. Basil’s in Carrick, PA, and she credits Sister Mary Glenn as who influenced her decision to enter religious life. Sister Mary Ellen began her ministry teaching elementary and high school students. In the late seventies, she moved into the mental health field, becoming a licensed counseling psychologist in private practice.

Sister Mary Ellen served in Community leadership as Provincial Consultor for five years and as Provincial Director for 11 years. She is a frequent contributor to America magazine and wrote often for Church. Her work is guided by a personal mission statement to use the spiritual and educational opportunities she received through the Community to help free others, especially women, from whatever binds them. She has had the opportunity to do that in many ministries: teacher, formation director, provincial director, psychologist, and writer.

Sister Mary Ellen believes that a Provident God is indiscriminately gracious, one who loves everyone at all times, without exception. Her way of living out the charism is to attempt to imitate that kind of indiscriminate graciousness by loving everyone, especially those most in need.

Self-described as extroverted, assertive and compassionate, Sister Mary Ellen enjoys writing, reading and poetry.

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