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2017 Providence Reflections

As Sisters and Associates of Divine Providence, we know we are blessed by God’s indiscriminate graciousness, we live in the abundance of God’s loving providence and we are strengthened by the bonds of inclusive community. These realities compel us to commit ourselves to cherish our intercultural and international ties; strive for right relationships with all; live and promote every form of non-violence; courageously risk being marginalized; and generously share, even in the midst of scarcity.

This Vision is also embraced by each of our ministries, which share the Providence of God with students, struggling families, abused and forgotten children, the homeless, documented refugees and those seeking spiritual renewal and, because of the needs of the times, have become places of radical hospitality—welcoming, generous and inclusive.

In our 2017 Providence Reflections, La Roche College President Sister Candace Introcaso, CDP, explores radical hospitality. We are happy to share her thoughts with you and invite you, as our faithful supporter and partner in mission, to model this openness and desire to love the stranger.

We, the Sisters of Divine Providence, thank you for your continued prayerful and financial support. We are keenly aware that no matter where, when, or how we minister, we never do so alone.