2019 Assembly - Ketteler Award Welcome

Each year, our province gives the Ketteler Award for Social Justice to someone whose ministry reflects Bishop Ketteler’s love and energetic work for justice.

Over the years we have recognized justice advocates for diverse issues which stir our communal passion for justice.

Your program lists the very impressive recipients of this award in previous years.

Clearly, the social justice issue that is in the forefront of our concerns today is the plight of refugees.

So, this evening we are very pleased to honor a number of community members and friends who have devoted themselves to care for the stranger and wayfarer at our sponsored ministry, La Posada Providencia, in San Benito, Texas.

Founded in 1989, La Posada is an emergency shelter for those compelled to flee their homelands because of political oppression, natural disaster, and other life-threatening situations.

We hold sacred their stories of severe hardships, including poverty, unjust imprisonment, even torture.

They seek legal asylum or other legal recourse to begin new lives in this country. La Posada provides resettlement assistance and a safe haven.

For over 30 years, thousands of people from close to 100 different countries have found refuge at La Posada and been welcomed by Hilary, Margaret, Zita, Marlene, and Theresa.

 The brief bios of each found in your program is sure evidence that each of them, in the spirit of Bishop Ketteler, has made God’s Providence visible, both by their advocacy, but also by their compassionate presence. They have helped to open doors of Providential possibilities. Tonight, we are delighted to celebrate each and all.

Sister Hilary Hooks, CDP
Founder and Past Director of La Posada Providencia

Sister Margaret Mertens, CDP
Sister Zita Telkamp, CDP
Past Directors of La Posada Providencia

Sister Therese Cunningham, SHSp
Associate Marlene McClain
Staff Members of La Posada Providenica