Litany of Gratitude for Holy Providence Women

All Associates and members of the Community were invited to submit the names of our deceased members with a special invocation for inclusion in the Litany of Gratitude for Holy Providence Women. 

This Litany is a “community creation,” filled with the energy of the Spirit and the fire of our Providence Charism. We are links in the chain of God’s Providence and light. We invite Bishop Wilhelm Emmanuel von Ketteler and Mother Marie de la Roche to intercede with us as we pray our Litany.

Note: The collators attempted to include every submitted intercession. When two or more Sisters submitted the name of the same deceased Sister, the invocations were combined. In the event someone’s intentions were misplaced or lost in email, we apologize. Please feel free to add other Sisters’ names in your personal or communal use of the Book of Hours, Vol. II.

“Sink from your shallows, soul, into eternity, We touch the rays we cannot see. We feel the light that seems to sing.”

–Thomas Merton, A Book of Hours

Suggested Use of the Litany:

In each of the hours in the Book of Hours, Vol. II, there is space for intercessory prayer. This is where you are invited to refer to the Litany of Gratitude and select a few names for each hour. 

The names and litany invocations are arranged chronologically according to death anniversaries.

“We have found the names and places where our God of Providence reveals to us in new ways that each of us is an integral part of God’s secret mystery-weaving … we remember, we celebrate, and we believe.”

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