Providence Alive! Spring 2014

"Becoming a Woman of Providence," the feature article, explains terms like formation, incorporation, discernment, and novitiate, and the process by which a woman first explores whether she is called to religious life and the subsequent journey she undertakes on her way to becoming a vowed religious.

Other articles included in this issue:

  • "National Catholic Sisters Week" - Sisters Karina Conrad and Elena Almendárez accompany La Roche College students Sydney Harsh and Stephanie Wizorek to the inaugural weekend celebration
  • "Remembering with Sister Myra Rodgers and Ken Danchik ..." - Sister Myra and former student Ken take a stroll down memory lane
  • "Giving Back to the Community" - Sister Karina Conrad and several La Roche College students volunteer their time at Repurposed, a thrift store started by Living in Liberty, an anti-human trafficking organization that works to provide aftercare for women and children rescued from the commercial sex industry
  • "Celebrating the Centenarians" - Sisters Victorine Verosky and Dolores Elizabeth Werling turn 100!
  • "Website Redesign" - Visit our new website at and tell us what you think!
  • "Make the Impossible Possible" - Sister Roberta Grzelak and others make God's Providence visible every day and remind us how the Sisters of Divine Providence make the impossible possible!

Thank you for supporting the good works of the Sisters.

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