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In Memory 2013

Sister Elizabeth Apel

Life has been changed, not taken away for Sister Elizabeth Apel, baptized Alma Lois. She surely is having a very happy reunion with her parents Joseph and Elizabeth, and her brothers and sisters Ruth Clara, Agnes Elizabeth, Rita Cecelia, Rose Mary, Anna Louise, Joseph, John Bernard, and Anna Jean. She is survived by her brother, Edwin Victor.

Sister Carmen Torres Arroyo

Nilda, later to be known in religious life as Sr. Carmen Marie, was the 10th of the 13 children born to Roque Torres and Ruperta Arroyo. She was born and raised in Lares, Puerto Rico. In 1968, she entered the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Third Order of St. Francis, located in South Bend, Indiana, which had missions in Puerto Rico. She was introduced to the Sisters of Divine Providence while ministering in Puerto Rico

Sister Irma Mae Boonie

Sister Irma Mae, formerly known in Community as Sister Teresine, was born on May 5, 1917, in Jamisonville (now Cherrytown), Pa., to Mary Nehiz and Louis Boonie. She was the fifth of six children born to her parents, who were both immigrants from Hungary. Sister Irma Mae entered the Community on September 7, 1936.

Sister Dorothy Marie Wanner

Helen Wanner and her twin sister, Mildred, were born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. They were the youngest of 10 children born to Virginia [Moylan] and Louis Wanner. The family was very close-knit, even as adults. They were always interested in one another and offered one another support in loving relationships when they could. In her early twenties, Helen entered the School Sisters of Notre Dame. After completing her novitiate, she professed first vows and served in ministry for three years before leaving the community for personal reasons. Finding herself still searching and feeling a call to be a Sister, Helen entered the Sisters of Divine Providence at the age of 30.

Sister Mary Thomas Jirauch

Patricia Josephine came to the Sisters of Divine Providence from St. John the Baptist in St. Louis, Mo. Drawn by a deep desire to listen to God and to learn to love with a compassionate heart, she wanted to grow in her relationship with God and to serve God's people in love. She said she was attracted to the community by "observing relationships among the Sisters."

Sister Grace Jones

Sister Grace Jones passed away quietly in her sleep early on Wednesday. Her passing surprised the Sisters with whom she lived. But Sister Grace died as she lived—gently and quietly. There was no apparent struggle. Her passing followed a very ordinary day in which she was fully engaged in the life of the Community at Providence Heights

Sister Bernadette Young

Woman of Providence, Sister Bernadette Young, was born in New Philadelphia, Ohio, on July 28, 1926. She was the daughter of John and Mary Kappler Young, and sister of Sister Muriel Young and the late Mary Fister and Joanne Zucal. She was baptized in the church of their parish, Sacred Heart, and later attended the parish school.