Bridges of Providence

Bridges of Providence is sponsored by the Ketteler Justice and Legacy Committee of the Sisters of Divine Providence; it seeks the participation of all the sisters and associates of our congregation. This project was generated with the idea of looking for new, current ways of ministering to those in need. We work in partnership with other congregations and lay people called to service in different countries, especially those considered third world countries.

Countries presently included in this ministry in collaboration with the Sisters of the Good Shepherd who operate entrepreneurship projects for women.

  • El Salvador - Sister Egla Lopez 
  • Guatemala -  Sister Nidia Quesada 
  • Honduras  - Sister Marta Iris Lopez 

When these women are ready to start a small business that generates an income to improve their quality of life, they receive financial support with which they acquire the supplies and equipment necessary for their undertaking. The support provided is $200 to $400, depending on what they need to start their small business. This does not exclude being able to help men who really need and show a desire to go forward.

Peru -- Our first contact is Sister Guillermina Nieto, CDP who is helping some families in the area where she carries out her ministry in the mountains. These families are supported with money to start a business or improve their quality of life.

Peru -- Our second contact is Sister Maria Burgos, a missionary of the Idente Missionaries Community. Sister Maria carries out her ministry in the jungle of Peru helping different villages in this area. With the initial help from the parishioners of Saint Paul Parish of Hingham, MA, they provided the funds through an activity called "Pennies for Peru." Their contributions built a water reservoir and brought water to the village of Fray Martin. About 32 families now benefit with water flowing into this village. They no longer have to walk an hour to get water. The next project for Fray Martin is the construction of a small chapel so that the people can gather for community prayer. 

The sisters and associates of our congregation will be periodically informed about the support that is provided through this ministry in the different countries. Videos will be prepared and published on the website of the Province.

You are invited to become a "partner" in this new ministry! HOW?

  • First with your prayers and moral support
  • Second by asking family and friends for monetary gifts, no matter the amount
  • Buying the cookies (alfajores) and roasted peanuts that are sold periodically

On April 18, 2022, Bridges of Providence started to provide "Accompaniment Services" (CLICK HERE to watch a video on these services) to people from the periphery in Guatemala and Honduras. A group of Spanish-speaking psychologists, counselors and social workers joined us (Bridges of Providence) and agreed to donate their time to provide psycho-educational and emotional help to people who have experienced different types of psychological distress. The Sisters of the Good Shepherd in Guatemala and Honduras evaluate and identify the participants. The professionals connect with the participants through Zoom or other platforms in a room set aside in the convent of our sister contacts. Each participant meets with the behavioral professional once a week for one hour for a period of two to three months or more, depending on their needs. When a participant has finished, there will be others on a waiting list for these services. Within this program, we really hope to use technology in the best way to reach the neediest women and men in different areas of the world.

We have eight professionals from Puerto Rico and the United States that are working in this endeavor. 

  • Mary Elaine Anderson, IHM – Counselor
  • Ana Lydia Sonera Matos, CDP – Counselor
  • Karina Conrad, CDP – Counselor
  • Lariana Garcia – Counselor
  • Lymaris Carrión – Industrial Psychologist 
  • Andres Alicea – Social Worker
  • Amilcar Colon – Clinical Psychologist
  • Mary Carmen Colón – Social Worker

By providing these services, Bridges of Providence is trying to address the whole dimension of a human being; the emotional, psychological and entrepreneurship skills of the person, thus helping to improve their quality of life. 

These experiences have been shepherded by the Spirit and the Charism of the Sisters of Divine Providence, cooperating with God to make God's face visible to the world, in partnership with the Sisters of the Good Shepherd, the Idente Missionaries community and lay people. All of us are trusting and open to God’s Providence.